Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother of a Blog Post

It's Mothers Day, so I figured I'd take a few moments to write about motherhood. Granted, I've never been a mother (although I've been called something that starts with "mother" a few times), but I have watched motherhood change from when I was a child to now.

Sometime within the past decade or two, motherhood has been transformed in some quasi-positive ways. I say "quasi-positive" because a lot will depend on who you ask. Take the emergence of MILFs (Mothers I'd Like to...well, you know) and GILFs (Grandmothers I'd Like to...well, you know). On the one hand, it's nice that women are taking better care of themselves over their lifetimes, but it's still a little disturbing to me when these MILFs and GILFs take pride at being able to attract younger men. Taken a step further, there are women like this who pose nude online...or so I've heard. That takes it from the realm of "Okay, I can live with it" to "She put that WHERE?"

Then, there are the single moms. I'm not going to attack single moms because I have seen instances where women have had to get out of bad relationships and have made it on their own. One of my best friends ever, Pat, was such a woman, and she raised two wonderful daughters. There are many more out there that I'm overlooking, but the point is it can be done. But it's damn hard to do it. To the single mothers out there, thank you for doing your best.

Now, let's move into politics briefly. Of all the candidates running for President right now, only Hillary Clinton has the distinction of being the only mother in the race. (Comes with being the only woman in the race, from what my sources tell me.) She's mentioned mothers, grandmothers, and daughters in stump speeches and has brought out her daughter Chelsea to campaign on her behalf. As with most things the Clintons do, this is not without purpose. There is no stronger force in the universe than the connection between a mother and child, and Hillary knows this. Therefore, she's tried to create the same kind of connection between her and potential voters. As we're seeing now, however, it didn't quite work. Maybe Hillary the Mother just wasn't a good image for her.

In closing, I wish all the mothers reading this a Happy Mothers Day. Without your half of the chromosomes, we wouldn't be here.

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