Monday, March 31, 2008

A Solution for the Democrats

Normally, this blog deals with more conservative and Republican issues, but in the interest of fairness, I'm devoting this blog post to the Democrats.

Recently, prominent Democrats have been pushing for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the Democratic nomination race. In turn, Hillary's supporters have said Barack Obama should drop out of the race. As bitter as the two sides are towards one another, they give the same reason why the other side's candidate should withdraw: for the good of the party.

This is a noble gesture to say the least. To give up a chance at the White House for the good of the many within the Democratic Party is a huge sacrifice, and it takes a tremendous person to agree to that.

That's why neither Obama nor Clinton will do it.

On the one hand, we have Obama. For all of his high-minded rhetoric, in recent weeks he's been caught in one stupid lie after another. From his position on NAFTA to Rev. Wright to his denial of taking a survey showing him to be far more liberal than moderate, Obama has gone from above the fray to in the mud. And some of the lingering questions about his true feelings about race relations and his inexperience are starting to wear on the minds of potential voters.

On the other hand, there's Hillary. She was all but a lock last year at this time, but now she's looking vulnerable and unqualified for the White House. Almost all of her trial balloons have popped in her face and have become the stuff of late night talk show jokes. Seriously, Hill. Thirty-five years of experience? You've only been elected to the Senate twice. That's one more than Obama has, and last time I checked Senate terms are only six years. The Bosnia flap all but cemented her position as a self-centered, yet utterly clueless politician.

When you boil it right down, Obama and Hillary are two examples of what's wrong with government these days. They don't care about what's best for their party or their country. It's all about them. But as promised in the title of this blog, I have a solution, a way to resolve who should drop out of the Democratic nomination hunt.

How about both of them?

Start fresh with a new candidate. (And, no, I don't mean Al Gore. He's worse than Hillary and Obama combined.) Someone who can unite the party, end the bickering, and maybe, just maybe, pull victory from the jaws of defeat.

And then running that candidate in 2012 because 2008 is toast for the Democrats.

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