Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Dud in the "Republican War on Women" Arsenal

One of the points the Left brings up in their "Republican war on women" rhetoric is how women make $0.77 on the dollar that men make, as Rachel Maddow cited on "Meet the Press."

One tiny problem, Rach. Your facts are wrong.

Kay Hymowitz, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal that brings a bit of context into Maddow's erroneous factoid. Seems when you factor in women wanting to be working mothers and working part time instead of full time, women actually make...more than men by comparison.

Wait. If women are making more than men for doing the same job, isn't that...sexist?

At the very least, it's yet another failure in the Left's campaign to invent a "Republican war on women" to hide their shameful past regarding the fairer sex.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

For Those Who Think Obama Got OBL...

... I have three words for you

Choke on it.

This Isn't a Fluke

Remember Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown law student who testified before Congress about contraception and women's health issues using a bunch of anonymous sources and the research arm of Planned Parenthood? Well, she's back, thanks to the Daily Beast announcing her engagement to her boyfriend.

In a bad attempt at humor, Fox News' Monica Crowley tweeted "To a man?" As you might expect, the Left came out an attacked Crowley as hateful and homophobic. (Although I'm not quite sure how asking a legitimate question in today's society where gays and lesbians get engaged all the time would be homophobia, but I digress.)

And, surprise surprise, the Left used Fluke again to further the message that fell flat the first time it was trotted out. First, she appeared on MSNBC's "The Ed Show" (which, by the way, is hosted by a man with  an astounding record of misogyny) to squeeze out just a little bit more of her 15 minutes of fame by being asked to respond to Crowley's tweet. Then, predictably, Huffington Post ran with the story reporting on Fluke's "Ed Show" appearance.

Maybe it's me, but this smells like another set-up using Fluke as the trailing horse. Fluke's testimony has been discredited by many people, myself included, and she was quickly becoming a forgotten entity except to the Left. With the Daily Beast posting the announcement of Fluke's engagements, it was as though they were trolling for someone on the right to comment. With Crowley's tweet, they got what they wanted, which allowed Fluke to be brought back in by the Left as a "victim of the Republican war on women."

Because, as we've seen, it was so successful the first time they tried it against Rush Limbaugh. (By the way, to my Leftist counterpart, that was sarcasm. I figured I'd better explain it to you before you wrote another lame blog post about me.)

Speaking of Limbaugh, he took the bait again by talking about Fluke in connection with one of Fluke's tweets that echoed the sentiments of President Obama regarding student loan debt. There is some merit to Limbaugh's comments about Fluke and the Obama White House working together. However, he made the same mistake Crowley did by letting Fluke back into the public spotlight.

At this point, it's clear the Left will keep using Fluke whenever they need to for whatever they deem necessary to paint the Right as anti-woman. Of course, in doing so, the Left shows just how anti-woman they truly are.

In closing I have two pieces of advice to give. To the Left, keep trotting out Fluke. It will only remind us how silly she and you look. To the Right, ignore Fluke. She is a one-trick pony, and the trick isn't very good.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Media Malpractice

For weeks, we've heard Trayvon Martin's story, but few attempts have been made to give George Zimmerman the same treatment. Now that Zimmerman has been charged and released on bail, Reuters has given us a more comprehensive view of his recent history. I appreciated this view of Zimmerman, but I have a question:

Why the delay?

With the speed of communication technology these days, I don't think Reuters had to do a lot of research for their Zimmerman piece, certainly not as long as they took to release this piece. A quick Google search shows Reuters spent a lot of time mentioning Martin's name in various contexts, but very little directly about Zimmerman himself. When mentioned, it was rarely before mentioning Martin's name.

So, why the change of heart? Because their media malpractice has already done its damage.

This is a game the mainstream media play on its consumers: report a story one way until their desired effect is reached, then do a story on the other side so they can claim to give balanced coverage of the story. Of course, the magnitude of coverage blows that notion out of the water to anyone paying attention. If 99% of your coverage is devoted to one side and 1% is devoted to the other, there is no balance, only advocacy.

A nice effort, Reuters, but too little, too late to avoid being guilty of media malpractice.

No Comment, Leftists?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What About "Justice for Trayvon"?

Since the start of the coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting, one phrase has been uttered, put on signs and clothing, and printed in the media: Justice for Trayvon. Now that George Zimmerman has been released on bail, we're getting a vastly different view of what the pro-Trayvon side sees as justice.

And it doesn't stop there. There are even death threats against the judge who set Zimmerman's bail.

Of course, Revs. Jackson and Sharpton, Travyon's parents, Travyon's parents' lawyers, the pro-Trayvon media, and the Left has been silent on the issue. I guess when you're too busy trying to convict a man before he's been tried in a court of law, being civil just doesn't enter the equation.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Going Strong, or Going Going Gone?

Last year's hot cultural fad was Astroturf Wall Street. The media fawned over them like Media Matters fawns over George Soros. They seemed to reach across the country and around the world.

Even in Des Moines, Iowa.

Now, there isn't much coverage of Astroturf Wall Street. Not even the fawning media seem to care about those brave men and women standing up against corporate greed (while using items created by the very "greed" they're against) and representing the 99% who are mad that 1% of the population has so much wealth (but can't seem to get away from using Apple products, with one of the higher profit margins in industry today).

And what's more, they're bad with the money they DO have. Seems Astroturf Wall Street is...running out of money!

Gosh! Who didn't see THAT coming? I mean aside from the Leftist piece of monkey crap who said Astroturf Wall Street was "just getting warmed up" and "likely to be even bigger than last year."

But not to worry! Guess who's bailing out Astroturf Wall Street? Why it's Corporate America! The same Corporate America these bozos are protesting AGAINST!

Maybe the Leftist moron can explain away this doctored the "big" Astroturf Wall Street...

Or maybe he'd like to explain how a group that was supposedly so strong is needing a comeback...

Maybe they can get money from George Soros...but he's not funding Astroturf Wall Street... except the Tides Foundation (the same Tides Foundation funded by George Soros' Open Society Institute) gave trust money to Adbusters...the Canadian group who was responsible for starting up Astroturf Wall Street. So, in other words...Soros funded Astroturf Wall Street.

Of course, the Leftist piece of monkey crap won't tell the truth about that...or anything else for that matter.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Game-Changer

In every sports event, there is a play or a player that affects the outcome. This is known as a game-changer.

Recently in the Trayvon Martin situation, there has been two game-changers, both of them supporting previous posts on the subject matter.

First, there was the apology issued by George Zimmerman. He came off as humble, repentant, and dare I say it likable! Far from the monster the Leftists have painted him, Zimmerman came off fairly well in the opinions of legal experts.

On the other hand, Trayvon Martin's parents came off as petty, refusing to accept his apology (in a statement issued by their lawyer). According to the lawyer, Zimmerman's apology was self-serving and insulting to the family. Of course, that's to be expected. He doesn't want to give the impression the apology was actually worthwhile.

Missing in this is what the parents actually thought. Issuing a statement through an attorney is still third-party communication instead of direct communication. After all, Trayvon's mother, Sybrina Fulton, said on "Today" she felt the shooting was an accident. Here is a direct quote from Fulton:

One of the things that I still believe in a person should apologize when they really...when they are actually remorseful for what they done. I believe it was an accident. I believe that it just got out of control and he couldn't turn the clock back.

She has since retracted her statement, saying she felt Zimmerman stalked and murdered her son. However, given the context of her original statement (which she claims was misconstrued), I don't think her retraction makes much sense. Might that have been the idea of a lawyer to issue a retraction? One can only guess, but my guess is it was a lawyer's idea.

The other game-changer involves the Leftist piece of monkey crap who said I "smeared" Trayvon's family by suggesting their copyrighting was meant purely as a protective measure. After a bit of digging, I found this piece. I quote from the piece:

According to applications filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the phrases “I am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon” were submitted the family’s attorney confirmed last week.

Fulton plans on using the slogans for DVDs and CDs memorializing the murdered teenager.

Hmmm...sure looks like my "smearing" had more than a ring of truth to it, given the only way for Fulton to make money would be to...copyright Trayvon's name! Funny how copyright law works, isn't it?

I won't expect an apology from you, Mr. Leftist Copycat. We both know you lack the guts and the honor to do it. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Guess Who?

See if you can guess who this individual is.

This individual has...

* allowed a staff member to post anti-Semitic statements, while this individual is Jewish
* spoken at great length about the "Republican war against women" while being a guest on a noted misogynist's talk show
* came out for more civility in politics after the Gabby Giffords shooting, but is known for saying outrageous and untrue things about people on the opposite side of the political aisle
* talks at great length about the importance of buying American cars, but drives foreign cars exclusively
* blamed the President for high gas prices then said we shouldn't "politicize gas prices"
* agreed to a speech before a hate group, only to pull out at the last minute after attention was brought to the story

Who in the world could be this two-faced, despicable, and devoid of even some semblance of honor?

If you guessed DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you'd be right.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just Who Is Waging a War on Women?

For the better part of a year, the Democrats have been floating a trial balloon regarding "the Republican war on women." Every time a women's issue like contraceptives/reproductive rights has come up, the Left has crowed about Republicans wanting to deprive women of their rights. Sometimes, they raise good points, but most of the time they overstate the point (and when I say "overstate" I mean "out and out fabricate for political purposes").

* Leftists favor abortion, which kills millions of girls worldwide every year, even in America. This is according to the Guttmacher Institute, also known as the research arm of Planned Parenthood.

* After being at the forefront of fighting against sexual harassment, Democrats have found themselves to be the harassers, as in this case as reported by the Daily Caller.

* Women make less than their male counterparts in the Obama Administration, as revealed by the 2011 annual report on White House staff.

* Democrat strategist Hilary Rosen attacked wife of Republican presidential nominee Ann Romney, accusing her of not knowing anything about economics because she never worked "a day in her life." By the way, there are a number of working mothers out there who do know a thing or two about economics because they're responsible for their household budgets.

* Leftists are pro-gun control. Yet, defensive gun uses save the lives of up to 2.5 million people per year, and I'm pretty sure a good chunk of those lives saved are women's.

* Leftists, including Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, favor high gas prices. So does his boss. That, in turn, hurts families. And last time I checked, women were a part of families, too.

* For years, the Left has seen nothing wrong with the sexualization of young girls, saying "they're going to learn about sex eventually," a line they use to justify distributing contraceptives to children.

So, who's really waging war against women?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

As Penn and Teller Would Say...

“We simply wanted an arrest; we wanted nothing more, nothing less,” said Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton. “We just wanted an arrest, and we got it and I say thank you, thank you Lord, thank you Jesus.”

She just wanted an arrest...and to be able to trademark phrases connected to her son...

You know what the funniest thing is? No matter what happens to George Zimmerman from this point forward, it will never be enough to sate the Left. Zimmerman could be tried, convicted, thrown in jail, put on death row, and killed...and the Left won't care. They will use Zimmerman as a punching bag for decades to come to "prove" how racist the world is.

But let's not let the truth get in the way of a 2 for 1 "Justice for Trayvon" hoodie sale...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Is It Still About "Justice for Trayvon"?

For any of you still thinking the reaction to the Trayvon Martin shooting is about justice really need to t listen to the audio from the New Black Panther Party conference call. These jerks are on your side, and your silence will embolden them to take action.

And guess who they'll be coming after sooner or later. That's right. White Leftists who they have used to get to this point. See, the New Black Panther Party looks at things the same way you do: through a racial prism. The only difference? They're not cowards. They will act on what they say, and nothing you can say or do will stop them from running roughshod over you.

I can already hear you white Leftists cowards saying, "But they don't represent me! I just want justice for Trayvon Martin!" Too bad. You created this environment for the New Black Panther Party to fester. And now, you're reaping the rewards of that, including having the Neo-Nazis show up.

Now, before you get too defensive, let me tell you I don't want the Neo-Nazis anywhere near this situation for the same reason I don't want the New Black Panthers involved: their presence doesn't help. What will help is for people to stand up to both the Neo-Nazis and the New Black Panther Party and tell them to get the hell out of the way. That includes you, too, Reverends Jackson and Sharpton.

And that includes all you pieces of Leftist monkey crap that enabled them, too.

You all say "Justice delayed is justice denied." Just what kind of justice is getting done by the actions of the New Black Panther Party or the Neo-Nazis?

None, that's what.

Leftist Coward Gets Pimp-Slapped, Calls Me a Liar, and Still Is a Coward

Looks like my Leftist doppelganger is obsessed with me yet again. He's even revamped his old blog page to something fresh and new...and still completely full of lies about me.

The latest is his "debunking" of my previous posts about how Leftist cowards like him lack the courage to act on their statements. His method of "debunking" me? Saying he's never seen me do it.

Consider yourself pimp-slapped, Leftist coward. And anybody who sees your blog will know it.

By the way, how are you liking the New Black Panther Party putting a bounty on George Zimmerman's head? You still too much of a coward to say something, Oh Pimp-Slapped One?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Snappy Answers to Leftist Cowards about the Trayvon Martin Shooting

The longer the Trayvon Martin situation gets covered, the more Leftists (like the other blogger who talks smack about the number of people who respond to my posts when he's too much of a coward to allow people to post to his blog) start getting impatient with the length of time it's taken to arrest George Zimmerman. Yet, since I've started taking them to task, they've come up with all sorts of excuses why they don't act on what they claim is an open-and-shut case.

Let me treat you to a few of them and provide you with my responses to them.

The police should arrest Zimmerman. You mean the same police your side says screwed up the investigation?

The police should have called for a grand jury. One tiny problem: the police didn't determine a crime had been committed. For a grand jury to be convened, there had to be a crime. And, no, that's not based on your opinion.

Zimmerman is in hiding. In today's society, going into hiding is a difficult proposition. And with the media firestorm your side created, it's made even more difficult because everybody and their grandmother knows what Zimmerman looks like. Besides, aren't you Leftists supposed to be so smart? Surely people of your intellect can find one guy.

I'm not in Florida. They have these things called "airplanes" that will take you where you want to go for a certain amount of money. If you can't afford a flight, load up your Prius or your VW van and drive down there.

... [signifying utter silence]. I see. You make statements you refuse to back up with action.

Guess which one is the most common response from the cowardly Leftists.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Man Up

With the Trayvon Martin shooting still in our minds, we're starting to hear a lot of people (mostly on the Left) saying George Zimmerman is guilty. They say it's clear Zimmerman killed Martin and all the evidence points to it. This knowledge makes them angry at the police department for being incompetent. After all, they were able to piece together the facts, so the police needs to do something to bring justice to Martin's family.

Fine. Then, go arrest Zimmerman and throw him in jail.

Ah, there's the rub. See, it's one thing to rant and rave about the case, but it's another to act on those words. If Zimmerman is guilty, it would be considered a felony, which introduced the lovely and talented concept of a citizen's arrest. If those who think Zimmerman is guilty really have conviction and courage, they would be booking flights to Florida, rounding up a posse, and busting Zimmerman where he lives.

Of course, they don't have courage and conviction, just a lot of noise.

I'm willing to wait for the evidence to come out before I judge Zimmerman's guilt or innocence, and if he is guilty, I'm all in favor of punishing Zimmerman to the fullest extent of the law. That's right, folks. I'm waiting for the facts to come in before jumping to conclusions. We've seen justice undone by assuming someone is guilty before the facts come out (i.e. Richard Jewell, the Duke Lacrosse Team), and we're making the same mistakes again. Justice cannot be done with so many people making up their minds on part of the evidence. But some of the people out there think they already know all the evidence. For those in this category, I have five words for you.

Man up or shut up.