Sunday, April 22, 2012

Going Strong, or Going Going Gone?

Last year's hot cultural fad was Astroturf Wall Street. The media fawned over them like Media Matters fawns over George Soros. They seemed to reach across the country and around the world.

Even in Des Moines, Iowa.

Now, there isn't much coverage of Astroturf Wall Street. Not even the fawning media seem to care about those brave men and women standing up against corporate greed (while using items created by the very "greed" they're against) and representing the 99% who are mad that 1% of the population has so much wealth (but can't seem to get away from using Apple products, with one of the higher profit margins in industry today).

And what's more, they're bad with the money they DO have. Seems Astroturf Wall Street is...running out of money!

Gosh! Who didn't see THAT coming? I mean aside from the Leftist piece of monkey crap who said Astroturf Wall Street was "just getting warmed up" and "likely to be even bigger than last year."

But not to worry! Guess who's bailing out Astroturf Wall Street? Why it's Corporate America! The same Corporate America these bozos are protesting AGAINST!

Maybe the Leftist moron can explain away this doctored the "big" Astroturf Wall Street...

Or maybe he'd like to explain how a group that was supposedly so strong is needing a comeback...

Maybe they can get money from George Soros...but he's not funding Astroturf Wall Street... except the Tides Foundation (the same Tides Foundation funded by George Soros' Open Society Institute) gave trust money to Adbusters...the Canadian group who was responsible for starting up Astroturf Wall Street. So, in other words...Soros funded Astroturf Wall Street.

Of course, the Leftist piece of monkey crap won't tell the truth about that...or anything else for that matter.

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