Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A News Round-Up

I haven't blogged a lot lately (real life interfering, oh, and a little thing about flooding in Iowa), so I decided to do a quick news round-up to get back into the swing of things.

- Al Gore endorsed Barack Obama. No big surprise here, considering the friction between the Gores and the Clintons. What we should be asking is why he waited so long to do it. Simple. It's ego. He wanted to be sure he would get some attention backing a winner (or at least a perceived winner), so he waited until after Obama seemed to have the nomination sewn up. Then, it was jump on the bandwagon time for Gore, proving conclusively why Gore would not have been a good President. If it takes you that long to figure out who to back and you're backing him simply because it makes you look good, you aren't fit to run a lemonade stand, let alone the USA.

- California's gay marriage ban was overturned as being unconstitutional. Speaking personally, I don't have a problem with gays getting married because at the end of the day it really doesn't affect me in the big picture. Conservatives are also lamenting the fact that the people voted on the gay marriage ban, and thanks to the courts, that ban is now cast to the four winds. But isn't that how the system is supposed to work? If a group thinks a law is unconstitutional, they have the authority to challenge it in court. The will of the people is by no means absolute, especially when they support something that undercuts the rights of others. Having said that, I encourage Californians to give it another try, using their first effort as a learning experience. If they want to ban gay marriage, they have the authority to write and pass that law. That's what makes our government so great: the fact that Americans can form their futures. (And, yes, I realize that this will put me at odds with a number of my readers. )

- The flooding in Iowa has shown us a different way people react to natural disasters. Compare the media coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to what we saw in Iowa within the past week or so. People weren't looting or looking for government to help them. They were too busy helping their neighbors and putting their backs into filling sandbags and putting them on the temporary levees. And in the short run while the disaster was looming, it made for good news coverage, but now that the flood waters are receding, the media aren't sticking around like they did in Katrina. And somehow, I don't think we'll see CNN doing an "Iowa: One Year After" show next year.

- Another Marine charged with crimes connected to Haditha had the charges dropped. No word yet from John Murtha.

- George W. Bush heads to Europe for one last trip as President. The Leftists complained about this, but apparently they forgot Bill Clinton did the same thing...

- Oil prices continue to climb, and Democrats still don't get why. They're busy coming up with lamebrain ideas like suing OPEC or holding hearings on Big Oil "gouging" people at the pumps. It's really easy to suggest these ideas because they're the results of simplistic thinking. It takes a lot more effort to understand that there are other forces at work besides some shadowy conspiracy for oil companies and cartels to...make money!

- With the nomination in sight, attention is being turned on making Michelle Obama look nicer. I find that funny on a couple of fronts. First, they did the same thing with Hillary Clinton in 1992 because she came off as being a coarse individual. Second, I think it will be just as successful as it was with Hillary, which is to say not at all successful. You can doll up a woman like Hillary and Michelle for a while, but eventually they'll find a way to shrug off the efforts and revert to form. Given what we've seen from Michelle Obama so far, the "soft" Michelle won't last for long. On the other hand, the recent photo shoot of Cindy McCain showed her softer side quite nicely and it looked natural. Michelle's photo shoot in the same magazine showed her as someone who was ordering people around. Quite the contrast.

And finally...

- The DNC may wind up with a shortfall with their fundraising for their convention in Denver this summer. And these guys are supposed to be more fiscally responsible than the Republicans?

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