Monday, October 27, 2008

Get Over It?

Barack Obama's buddy, William Ayers, came out recently at a Manhattan panel discussion and made some pretty outlandish comments. (Personally, the very fact he's out in public is pretty outlandish, too, but that's neither here nor there.) He said he was tired of being used for political fodder by John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Much like Obama has been about Ayers, Ayers is pretty dismissive about his past. But that doesn't mean we should be. Contrary to the spin the Obama folks have been putting out there, it's clear that Obama and Ayers weren't just casual acquaintances. They're tight, at least ideologically speaking. When you're that close to someone, it becomes very easy to overlook that person's less savory side. I experienced this when I supported Pat Buchanan in 1996. I was so enamored with his rock-ribbed conservative message (at that time) that I ignored his anti-Semitic side. Only after I stepped away did I see the full picture.

Right now, Obama isn't stepping away from Ayers, and Ayers isn't stepping away from himself. Yet, they both need to take that step and really see Ayers's past for what it is: rife with anti-American sentiments and acts of violence against the very country Obama hopes to run soon. The very fact that neither Obama nor Ayers found anything wrong with what the latter did until the former ran for President should scare us all.

But let's take the general sentiment of Ayers's comments into consideration. He doesn't appreciate being made into a political issue in this election? Well, Mr. Ayers, I have a not-so-modest proposition for you. I promise to leave you alone forever if you meet the following condition.

You bring back to life every single person the Weather Underground murdered.

If you can do that, I'll be happy to leave you alone. If not, you're fair game, sir.

Your move, Mr. Ayers.

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