Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Question No One's Asking...

Right now, there are a number of questions surrounding Barack Obama and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, not the least of which being "How in the heck do you pronounce 'Blagojevich'?" One of the central ones, though, is whether Obama is caught up in the Blagojevich scandal in any significant way. I can understand why. There are some out there who would love to see Obama get sucked up in the political whirlwinds and never be heard from again. (Now, if there was only some way to get Joe Biden involved somehow...)

At this point, I'm withholding judgment on Obama for two reasons. First, we don't know enough of the facts to make an informed judgment. Just because I don't like the guy doesn't give me licence to throw out an accusation that may or may not pan out. And having been at the receiving end of a few
of such accusations in my life, it's the least I, and we, can do until the facts do come out.

Second, there's a bigger question to be asked. Granted, "Is Obama involved" is a pretty big question, but it pales in comparison to the next logical question. If Obama is involved in some way, can it be proven? Chicago politics is notorious for being dirtier than a drunk Courtney Love mud wrestling Jenna Jameson at Larry Flynt's house. (I was going to say " a pig" in Jenna's place, but if you've seen her lately...). A part of that political environment is what Ronald Reagan called "plausible deniability." With something like this, I guarantee someone is going to take a fall so that others can remain standing. In order to protect one of their own,
Blagojevich may take the hit. That's the Chicago way.

As this story unfolds, we will see how many layers there are to it. As much fun as it is to say "Impeach Obama," let's hold off on the calls and emails to the House Judiciary Committee until the facts are known. Even if he appears to be guilty as sin, Obama may be able to skate away if the connections aren't strong enough to support the accusations.

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Stella Rondo said...

No, this may not be an impeachable offense. However, the more straws that can be added to the camel's back, the sooner it breaks.