Sunday, April 12, 2009

An Easter and a Passover Greeting

Today is a very special day for Christians because this is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the heart of the Holy Week observation is a recounting of Christ's betrayal, death, and rebirth, and every year I'm filled with a combination of emotions. I'm humbled that Jesus took my sins upon His shoulders and bore the punishment that should have been mine. I'm sad when I think about what He faced on my behalf without so much as a word of complaint. But most of all, I am happy in the knowledge that His death fulfilled God's covenant with the world.

With this covenant, however, there is a responsibility to try to live my life according to God's word. This is not always easy. The sins of the world are plentiful, and human resolve can only go so far. Yet, thanks to the death of Jesus, we are redeemed. For those who believe, that realization can only drive us harder to try to fulfill the responsibility that comes with Christ's sacrifice on our behalf.

Also, this time of year we see the Jewish observation of Passover. Although we celebrate differently, Jews and Christians are united in substantial ways that should not be overlooked. Both Jews and Christians have experienced times of great strife and tests of faith throughout their existence. At times, the two have been at odds with one another, and even today they are. Yet, in spite of it all, both believe strongly in God and His promise to deliver us from the strife we face. And let's not forget that Jesus was a Jew. If that isn't enough to set aside personal and religious differences between Jews and Christians, then nothing will.

So, whether you celebrate Easter or Passover, may God's love be evident to you today, and for the rest of your days.

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