Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick Hits

Things are bound to get slower eventually, but until then, here are some more quick hits!

- I happened to catch President Obama's speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night. Boy, what a performance. I was thoroughly underwhelmed at Obama's delivery of such unfunny jokes. But the audience howled with laughter nonetheless. Anyone else need further proof that the press are in Obama's back pocket?

- After reading the results of the government's "stress tests" on banks, I have a question. Are there any competent people in the government to audit the banks? In their attempt to restore confidence in the banking system, I get the feeling they set the bar too high initially, only to have to scale it back after some banks complained. Wouldn't it have been better to set the bar lower, but have it be more realistic? The way it looks now, the adjustment made after the banks complained makes it appear that the banks were sure to fail, so they strongarmed the government into lowering the standards. And believe me, the Obama Administration is all too willing to let a financial institution take the blame for the government's bad job. Just ask AIG.

- A piece of advice for you, Nancy Pelosi. Drop the lying. We know you were briefed on waterboarding, and the more you try to spin your way out of it, the more foolish you look. Just admit you knew about it and agreed with the policy and be done with it. No one, except for your own party, will take issue with it. And since they're already mad at you for not impeaching George W. Bush...

- ACORN is back in the news, kinda. Seems there are employees in 14 states that have either been indicted or convicted of criminal activity, including...voter fraud. As much as ACORN tries to dismiss these charges as the actions of "rogue employees," the fact is someone had to hire them, and given some of the backgrounds of the people being hired, there should have been some red flags raised. Unless, of course, these "rogue employees" were hired specifically for the skill sets their past crimes provided them.

- Going back to ACORN for a moment, there is a group called the ACORN 8 who have been trying to fight the corruption within the organization. They're facing a lot of pressure from the national board to stay quiet, but they're refusing because they see what the organization has become and want to stop it from being lost forever. Usually the Left is all over stories of whistleblowers facing pressure from superiors to stay quiet. Wonder why it was someone like Glenn Beck who had to uncover this group of whistleblowers and not the mainstream press...

- Someone mentioned this in a chatroom recently, and it bears repeating. Have you noticed that the media aren't doing the daily death tolls from Iraq and Afghanistan anymore? Now that it's Obama's war, I guess the troop deaths don't matter as much to the people who followed every death (or seemed to) when it was Bush's war.

- I saw the new "Star Trek" movie yesterday. Well worth the price of admission and then some.

- Gas prices are starting to creep up again. Now that Bush isn't in office anymore, who will the Left blame? Will they claim Obama's trying to make more money for his Big Oil buddies?

And finally...

- As much as the Left loves to mock the Tea Parties, the fact they're still doing it while simultaneously trying to convince others (or themselves) that the Tea Parties were ineffective tells a vastly different story. There's a real fear on the Left that the Tea Parties aren't just disgruntled Republicans and conservatives, but Americans of all stripes that will stand against them. Let me confirm it for you. Your fear is real, and it's based in the fact that you've scammed the American people for 2 straight election cycles by promising change and delivering nothing. Feel free to start delivering if you want to make it through the 2010 election cycle with your control of Congress intact.

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