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Decoding the Left's Defense of Obama's Olympic Sized Epic Fail

Well, the Leftist who hates me and yet copies almost everything I do tried to spin his way through Obama's Olympic Blunder. Instead of directing you to his blog site, I'm just going to post his words and add my responses.

Conservatives Say: "Yay! America Lost!"

And Leftists Say: "It's Bush's fault!"

Sorry Conservatives. You can set up all the straw men you like, but Obama had nothing to do with the failure to get the Olympics in Chicago.

On the contrary. The world media have all but blamed Obama for Chicago not getting the 2016 nod. They've said it was an embarrassment, and rightfully so. Flying all that way so the President and the First Lady could give a speech where their entire reason for having Chicago host the 2016 Olympics was "because we want it"?

It was the standard practice this year for the national leader to present the bids. Tokyo's bid was presented by Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. Rio de Janeiro's bid was presented by Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. And Madrid's bid was presented by King Juan Carlos. The heads of state of all 4 Olympic finalists went to speak at the IOC. This included the King of Spain himself.

Ah, "standard practice." That's why no previous President appeared before the IOC to plug a particular American city...

President Obama gave a ten minute speech presenting Chicago's bid. Obama was respecting the international community by going. Had he not he would have essentially been saying "I'm too good for this, unlike the rest of you kings and presidents who have to grovel". Going to Stockholm was the proper thing to do.

No. What he would have been saying is "I'm following what other Presidents have done. Besides, I have a country to run." Part of being a leader is delegating authority. Couldn't Joe Biden, the Obama Administration's alleged foreign policy expert, taken this one? Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State? Or, here's a novel idea. Why not let the people who have been actually working on the proposal make the pitch?

Last January 8th, does anyone have a clue what President George W. Bush was doing that day? He was in Chicago, meeting with the IOC in an effort to support the bid of Chicago for the Olympics. You know why? Because it's the right thing to do to support your country and the individual governmental entities in it, if you are the head of state.

Ah, but there's a world of difference between meeting with the IOC in a primarily ceremonial capacity, and actually making a pitch at the final vote. Of course, the Left is going to try to spin this anyway they can to take the stink off Obama's pitiful performance.

And let's not forget the reason the IOC ditched Chicago during the first round: The Republican-led Salt Lake City bribery scandal. The International committee is pissed that we exposed their delegates for the whores that they are during the Salt Lake bidding process, where Salt Lake bribed their way into hosting the games and got caught. Another big factor was the Atlanta Olympic bombing by right-wing nutjob Eric Rudolph.

And the big deal-breaker was how intrusive our customs and immigrations policies have become since 9/11, particularly the fingerprinting of foreign tourists.

Excuses, excuses. Chicago was seen as the odds-on favorite to win prior to the Obama-Oprah Express showing up in Stockholm. Besides, if all of these factors were in play, how did Chicago even get considered in the first place?

The IOC works on a principle of "turns" and on countries being due. South America has never had a turn. Brazil (as much as China) is transitioning from a poor country to an important country. By the standards the IOC uses outside of the technical standards so long as Brazil made it to the finals they were going to win. Anyone who follows IOC politics knows this. Madrid wasn't getting it, Tokyo wasn't getting it, and after Doha got punted (who technically had the 4th best bid) and Rio was allowed to move into that slot, Rio was going to win. If Doha hadn't had that one major flaw in their bid it would have been the 2016 Olympics in Doha. The IOC was looking from a country from the global south to host. Africa, Middle East, or South America, if they had a technically proficient candidate that candidate was going to win. South America is just next in line for the Olympics. Last I checked, we don't live in South America. Rio was always the leading city to get the Olympics. Rio put up three times as much money as Chicago did. We've already had the Olympics 7 years ago. It's not like we're being shut out.

Ah, the "it was Brazil's turn" lie. Given the outcome of the previous IOC vote, logic would dictate that it would have been Madrid's turn to host the Olympics, given that they lost the bid by 2 votes. Speaking of which, why hasn't the IOC made it Africa's turn to host the Olympics? I would say if it were anyone's turn, it would be Africa's.

The chance of domestic terrorism from a religious conservative is just too great to ignore in these places. Religious fanaticism is starting to take it's toll on this country much like it has in the Middle East.

Ah, making more excuses for Obama's failure. It's not Obama's fault; it's those eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevillllllllllllllllllllllllll religious right wingers...who by and large CONDEMN VIOLENT ACTS DONE IN THE NAME OF RELIGION.

That's why the United States didn't get the bid. The IOC said as much on Friday.

Obama had nothing to do with the failure to get the Olympics in Chicago.

And you'd be wrong. The world media said it was on Friday, Saturday, today...

But Conservatives cheer America losing anyway. Really? This is the best you Conservatives can come up with? This is what you're going to run with in your talking points? I thought it couldn't get any lamer than birth certificates and the "war on Christmas", but there ya go. I mean, holy shit. There's grasping at straws, and then there's mind-blowing idiocy like this.

Do Conservatives really not see how bad it's making the conservative side look for the rest of the country to see Conservative talking heads crowing with delight at the idea that our country won't get to host the Olympics, just because Obama made a simple ten minute speech supporting Chicago's bid? Do you have any idea how insane it makes all Conservatives look? Do you ever want to win an election again?

If Obama gives another speech like he did on Friday, conservatives won't have any problems winning elections again.

And remember this well: If Obama hadn't gone, Conservatives would have blamed the loss on the president... failing to go.

Conjecture at best. Partisan bullcrap at worst.

Besides, wasn't it the Left who screamed about Bush "taking vacations" while there were problems to deal with in America?

Remember when Bush bid for NYC to host the Olympics? I do. The celebrations were attended by Paul Simon and Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters and all kinds of other "intellectual New York liberal/commie/black/jews". They weren't there booing the president. They didn't decide to renounce their support for the New York bid when Bush lent his support.

Remember when liberals cheered "Yay! The United States lost!" When Bush's NYC bid failed? No? That's because liberals didn't cheer. We don't celebrate America losing. That's what Conservatives do.

"The war is lost." --- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

You were saying, Mr. Obama Apologist?

That's right, folks. Conservatives are cheering: "Hooray! The United States lost!"

I haven't seen a single conservative cheering that. More Leftist conjecture to try to cover up Obama's failure.

Three years ago, these Conservatives would have called for someone to be tarred and feathered in the town square if they cheered about the US losing the bid to host the Olympics in 2016. Fast forward to the Obama years and Conservatives are leading the pack to cheer the US failure to win the bid.

Conjecture based on partisanship and love for Obama. Besides, conservatives have other more important things to do than to jet across the globe to make a failed presentation before the IOC, like WORK.

Conservatives have been building up this illusion of patriotic duty and morality for years. Mom and apple pie and honorable military service to a great nation that's here to save the world from itself. But now everyone is starting to realize that Conservatives / Republicans don't really care about morality or even the rule of law. It's all been a lie. Now Conservatives aren't even bothering to pretend to play along anymore.

"There are two places in the world right now that would be a complete disaster to hold the Olympics: The Middle East and United States."

Gee. What conservative said that?

Conservatives are happy the United States didn't win the bid to host the Olympics. These folks are TRUE PATRIOTS!

It's basically what anybody with even a speck of intelligence already knows: Conservatives don't care if America loses, because they put Party before Country.

"There are two places in the world right now that would be a complete disaster to hold the Olympics: The Middle East and United States."

You were saying, Mr. "I Put Country Before Country"? Or would reading what you typed earlier and quoting it directly showing that I don't have the "speck of intelligence" you were just talking about?

But hey, what do you expect from right-wingers? Just look at the right-wing bloggers who exploited a story about a terminally ill child for partisan reasons? Never mind the fact that the FedEx story is such a RARE occurance, that the right-wingers break open the champagne and stumble all over themselves to point this story out! They are inadvertantly reenforcing what the liberals were saying all along. Yet again, the right-wingers shoot themselves in the foot.

Funny, but I don't recall using that story to pimp a particular political party. Instead, I posted it to point out a wonderful story, something that would most likely have gotten glossed over in other areas.

Like, say, the blog site where you bash me while simultaneously copying me? Where's YOUR compassion, Mr. Leftist?

And I'm sorry, anybody who has nothing better to do on both a Friday night and Saturday night than post on a blog, really shouldn't be pointing out who is or isn't an EPIC FAILURE.

Not like posting on a blog on a Sunday night, huh? That's when REAL people with REAL social lives do their blogging, right?

And for the record, Mr. Leftist, that was sarcasm. Look it up and have a conservative explain it to you.

By the way, thanks for posting the links to the blog posts so everyone can see Obama's OLYMPIC SIZED EPIC FAIL!

But hey, maybe someday the GOP will actually have a real accomplishment to boast about.

They already do. Ronald Reagan ring a bell? Winning the majority of the Presidential elections over the past 20-30 years? And you have...Barack Obama being the first President to make a final pitch before the IOC...and fail miserably.

And we'll leave you now with this Olympic Flashback: '02 Salt Lake Games Tainted By Scandal, Bribery and Glenn Beck's Church.

And there you have it. Another attempt to slander Glenn Beck from a Leftist who can't defend Obama's OLYMPIC SIZED EPIC FAILURE. I guess when you can't defend President Obama, you have to scream "GLENN BECK! GLENN BECK!" or "RUSH LIMBAUGH! RUSH LIMBAUGH!" or "FOX NEWS! FOX NEWS!" in a lame attempt to divert attention from the failure that is the Obama Administration.

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