Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Now for the Independent Response

My fellow Americans, last night President Obama gave a speech about the situation in the Gulf of Mexico due in part to BP and offshore drilling. Although he talked tough and sounded like he genuinely wanted to solve the problem, I have to say I was unimpressed. We've heard this same rhetoric from him since Day One, and what has it gotten us?

A worsening oil spill, and a President who is too busy trying to sound like Rambo to act like a President.

Seriously, does anyone whose lips aren't affixed to the President's backside take him seriously when he sounds like Lex Luthor going after Superman? It would be one thing if Obama had overtly taken the lead on this issue early on, but it's another when it seems he showed up every so often between fundraisers, vacations, and begging for votes to talk tough and then go back to being disconnected from the situation. As it stands, Obama's tough talk has the opposite effect; instead of making him look and sound serious, it makes him look impotent and foolish.

If the President is serious about working towards a solution, he needs to be much more visible in doing it and much less visible in sounding like he wants a solution.

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