Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the (Mis) Making?

In case you haven't heard, today was monumentally historical. A Republican, John Cornyn, showed backbone and stood up to Hillary Clinton. Seriously, the first African-American elected President was sworn in, making Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States.

Big whoop.

Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be uber-excited or uber-angry that Obama is President, but to be honest, I could care less, really. The reason is that I think the media and the Left have oversold the importance of Obama's election. I understand the historical significance of it; I got it back in November. But did we need to be reminded of it since November? I know people have low attention spans these days, but dang!

Then, there's the commercialism. As a die-hard capitalist, I can see where Obama's inauguration would be a venture to make some money, and I welcome it. But you have to admit the coins, the special magazines and newspapers, even the special concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial all reeked of excess. I'm surprised there wasn't a special Obama juicer or rotisserie cooker being hawked by Ron Popeil on sale for today only!

I'm sure there's a rational explanation for the excessive promotion of the Obama Inauguration being a historic event, but I'm at a loss to find it. However, I have come up with an irrational explanation.


For the past 3 or 4 decades, whites have been called on the carpets for the racism of their ancestors, and I will be the first to admit whites have screwed over blacks for a long time. Having said that, whites need to recognize as a culture that what our ancestors did is only a reflection on us if we don't learn from the sins of the past.

The problem? Too many whites still think we owe a debt to blacks for actions we didn't take. And let me tell you there are still a number of blacks who prey on this "white guilt" to get what they want and excuse any and all bad behavior in the black community. Make no mistake, white guilt helped Barack Obama win because the whites who succumbed to it were looking for absolution for sins they didn't even commit and are ashamed of.

On the other hand, people like me knew a black man would be President. It was just a matter of when. So, when it happened, I chalked it up to it being a fait accompli and let it go. So, I'm sorry that I can't get worked up over something that was bound to happen sooner or later. I just like to keep things in perspective.

And that's why I'm not caught up in the "historic day for America" sentiment as much as others. After all, eventually every sublime experience will have a letdown, and if you're so jacked up on the positives that you don't see the point at which it ends, you'll crash very hard.

And did I mention Obama hasn't even done anything yet? Getting excited about nothing isn't my idea of a good time, kids.

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