Monday, March 9, 2009

Getting Away With the Perfect Crime?

Watching the House start in on the bank bailout and lament the lack of oversight in the bill President George W. Bush signed makes me laugh. First, one of the people spearheading the effort is the Ross Perot/Casey Kasem amalgam, Dennis Kucinich. But the real reason is the sheer absurdity of the entire "no oversight" argument.

Remember that the bank bailout bill was initiated in 2008. And if you remember your civics lessons, you know that bills originate in Congress. Now, who controlled Congress in 2008? Why, it was...the Democrats. The fact is the only reason the bank bailout bill didn't have oversight in it is because they never put it in the bill. And last time I checked, Bush didn't control Congress.

Yes, Bush signed the bill, but not without the help of Democrats willing to carry water for the Administration, saying that the bill was necessary. Yet, these same Democrats who said the bill was vital to our economy are the ones pretending it was all Bush's fault.

And they're counting on people being willing to ignore the facts or be ignorant of them. Considering the number of Obama voters who thought Sarah Palin was Obama's running mate, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet.

But, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out the inconvenient truth about Democrats and their role in the very bank bailout they lament now. Now, they'll have their little show trial, trot out the executives, lambast them, and let them go, knowing full well that few Americans know that the inquisitors are the biggest sinners of them all.

But I know, and I will never let people forget.

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