Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obamacare Version 1

There's a lot of attention being put on President Obama's health care reform bill making its way through the House of Representatives right now. The Right wants to defeat it for any number of reasons, but there's one possibility I haven't heard too many Republicans and conservatives touch on yet.

The current bill is not the end, but a beginning.

Instead of trying for health care reform in one shot like Bill Clinton tried to do in 1993-1994, Obama seems to be taking the reform idea in a different direction. The foundation of it has been laid with the murky Obamacare bill in the House. It's so complex that no one seems to be able to understand it fully, and those who try are finding disturbing elements to it that will hamstring the country if it becomes law.

But it's not about getting a good bill on Obama's desk to sign. It's about setting the stage for full government control of the American health care system. If the Obamacare bill gets passed by the House and Senate and signed into law with the "public option" in place, it won't do anything to the system at first. People who have private insurance will continue to use it and people who need the public option will use it.

Then, when the public option starts to break down (and, rest assured, it will), the government already has a foot in the door and can ram through other legislation designed to prop up the public option at the expense of the private option. Once the public option starts showing signs of failure, Obama and/or his Congressional Democrat friends will demand that the public option be put on par with the private option, which will require two things: 1) more taxpayer money going to the flawed public option, and 2) penalties levied against private insurance to decrease their effectiveness. When this fails to get the desired results (as I'm sure it will), the process will be repeated until private insurance is either too expensive or too ineffective to compete with the public option.

Of course, the Obamacare supporters won't tell you this, either out of sheer ignorance or blatant dishonesty. They want there to be choice at the outset so that there's the illusion of choice throughout their plan until the government takes over all control of health care in America. Remember, the former Soviet Union bragged about its free elections, in spite of the fact that there were usually only two candidates running, they were both communists, and people were told who to vote for ahead of time. The Obamacare bill is set up exactly the same way: give people the notion that they can choose, but make the choice so useless as to be indistinguishable from the "choice" Leftists want you to take.

Before I let this topic go for now, let me ask you a question. Why can't Obama or his supporters give specifics as to what the Obamacare bill will do? Simple. Because it's not about the details of the plan. It's about getting something through as a launching pad for other, more devious initiatives down the road.

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