Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Project Much?

Michael Savage loves to say that liberalism is a mental disorder, and he's wrong. However, he is onto something in that the Left today is teeming with psychological disorders that taint its worldview. One of these disorders is called projection. For the uninitiated, projection is when someone attributes personal faults to others in an attempt to make himself or herself feel better.

Such is the case with the Left's attempts to paint anyone who disagrees with President Obama's attempt to reform health insurance as organized rabblerousers bought and paid for by special interests. They truly believe everybody aligned against Obama's health insurance bill is working for The Man. (If so, I'm making lousy money speaking out against Obamacare, but that's another story.)

The reason they feel this way is because the Left does the same thing. Remember those protesters outside AIG? Bought and paid for by our good friends at ACORN. People who picket outside of WalMarts because WalMart is non-union? Bought and paid for by labor unions. Code Pink? Brought to you by George Soros. Put simply, if there's a group of Leftists protesting anything, it's a good bet there's a Leftist paying for it to happen.

On the other hand, who's really funding the health insurance protests or the Tea Parties? They might have gotten some funds from conservative groups, but most of it was and is homegrown. And that's what scares the Left the most: that these groups harranging Democrats and Republicans who favor Obamacare are average Americans who are sick of Congress spending money we don't have on something most Americans don't need or want. It signals that the American people aren't taking Obama and Congress at their word anymore.

So what does the Left do? Instead of fixing the problems in their own midst, they assume the right does what they do and then attacks it as "dishonest" and "thuggery by special interest groups."

Yeah. Guess how much credibility I give that.

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