Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Correcting the Lies of the Global Warming Denier Deniers

It's amazing to what lengths the people who carried the water for Al Gore for almost 20 years will go to avoid admitting that they were either dupes or liars. A Leftist blogger (who mocks me at every turn while linking back to almost everything I've ever written) claims there was never a debate over global warming.

If you look at the peer reviewed scientific literature, the debate is over. --- Al Gore

Gee. Gore says there was a debate. He's repeated it on several occasions. Of course, he's also claimed in "An Inconvenient Truth" that global warming was going to cause the following:

- melting ice sheets (debunked by actual measurements of the level of ice)
- huge increases in ocean levels (debunked by people who understand the concept of displacement of liquid)
- more frequent, stronger hurricanes (debunked by the past couple of years of fewer and weaker hurricanes)

Ouch, man. Just ouch.

The blogger also claims an article on debunks the emails, claiming that they were taken out of context. Tiny problem: the people "debunking" the emails are some of the same ones who have been accused of ginning up their results. That's like referring to Media Matters (a partisan website supported by George Soros and founded by admitted and proven liar David Brock) to refute something a conservative said. Now, who would be so silly as to refer back to Media Matters on a matter like this?

Oh yeah, the Leftist blogger who claimed Wired "debunked" the hacked emails.

By the way, Mr. Leftist who hates me and can't stop copying me, there actually has been a conspiracy within the scientific community to blackball any scientists who didn't go along with the global warming lie, as has been exposed by the scientists who have been blackballed. A simple Google search pulls up plenty of examples, but why let the truth stand in the way of a good lie when you have the scientific geniuses of Media Matters? Oh, and Mr. Leftist, that was sarcasm, in case you were thinking of pulling a statement out of context like Media Matters has been known to do.

The Leftist blogger in question also seems to miss the point I raised in my previous blog post where I explained global warming cultists set up a false premise in an attempt to get people to stay quiet about their skepticism about global warming being manmade. The fact is that the global warming cult has never wanted a serious debate on the subject because their facts (such as they are) tend to be more alarmist than academic. If you can find a copy floating around at a used book store, pick up a copy of Gore's Earth in the Balance. Throughout the book, Gore makes emotional statements and glosses over the actual science involved, something he's also done in "An Inconvenient Truth." When you resort to emotion rather than reason to back up a weak scientific argument, you've done a grave disservice to the discussion.

Of course the Leftist blogger shows his penchant for strawman arguments by setting up an argument that faith in God means one cannot be scientifically-minded. Two words for you: Gregor Mendel. Mendel, an Augustinian priest, is considered to be the father of genetics for his work with pea plants and different traits they exhibited through the creation of hybrids.

Let's see... the father of genetics...or some Leftist blogger with an axe to grind against Christians...who to believe? Oooooh, sor-ray, Mr. Leftist. Science wins over irrational hate.

Al Gore has spent years telling us that people who showed skepticism at the reality of global warming were akin to Holocaust deniers. Well, now that Gore's entire premise has been turned on its ear, it's time that we turn the tables on him.

Mr. Gore (and Mr. Leftist blogger who has been debunked by real science), you're nothing more than warming denier denier.

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