Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why This Matters

Some big things happening recently, thus another edition of Why This Matters.

- Anita Dunn resigns as White House Communications Director. Supporters of the Administration state it's no big deal because she was serving in an interim position, while critics are cheering, citing another victory for Glenn Beck and Fox News.

Why This Matters: Regardless of where you stand on Dunn's resignation, it was a victory for Beck and Fox News, but it was one that Obama didn't need to give them. The flap over her comments proclaiming Mao Tse Tung as one of her philosophical idols was dying down and the "Fox News isn't real news" mantra was being picked up by the Left. Having her resign now looks awkward and only fuels those who think she was driven out by Beck and Fox News. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad she's gone, but Obama gave the Right a victory without a fight.

- Michelle Obama's popularity has dropped into the 60s.

Why This Matters: The Obama charm offensive isn't working. No matter how many "soft" photo ops she does, no matter how many magazine covers she appears on, Michelle Obama comes off as fake and even mean. That doesn't bode well for her popularity, now or in the future.

- Former Miss California contestant Carrie Prejean admitted on "Hannity" that she made a sex tape. This came in the aftermath of other accusations that she broke the terms of a contract and that she had breast augmentation.

Why This Matters: First, it shows the dangers of premature lionization of anyone before we determine whether he or she is worth it. Prejean certainly won over the hearts and minds of conservatives for standing up for her beliefs at the Miss USA Pageant against the attacks of Perez Hilton. The sex tape...well, let's just say it makes it tougher to portray her as a good Christian woman victimized by the Left. Second, Sean Hannity has staked at least some of his reputation on Prejean, and the sex tape strikes a blow against that reputation. Believe me, the Left is going to have a field day mocking Hannity for this.

- The House of Representatives passed a health care reform bill on Saturday night by a vote of 220-215. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called it a victory.

Why This Matters: Pelosi might want to rethink her definition of winning, considering she came within 3 votes of failing. And that's after a lot of compromising, arm-twisting, and promises that may or may not come to fruition. She squeaked out a win, but she's strutting around like the vote wasn't even close. And there's still the Senate version of the bill to be considered, one that may cut out what the House version had.

- Former President Bill Clinton rallied the Senate Democrats recently, stating that those who oppose the health care reform initiative are upset because Democrats are winning.

Why This Matters: Obama lost the ability to make the case for his health care reform initiative, so he sent someone who might still have some stroke with Democrats in general, Bill Clinton. If that doesn't show how weak Obama has become, nothing will.

- The Department of Justice asked for member information from Indymedia.us, a Left-leaning website, for all posters since June 2008. To date, Indymedia has refused.

Why This Matters: Regardless of their political leanings, Indymedia is being targeted by the Obama DOJ. And before you start blaming the Bush Administration, keep in mind the date of the DOJ's order was...January 23, 2009, three days after President Obama assumed the role of President. If this was an order from the previous Administration, Obama had the power to pull the plug on it. If it was an order from the current Administration, it's a gross abuse of federal power with no discernible reason. Either way, it looks bad for the Obama Administration.

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