Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Weiner By Any Other Name

To call Rep. Anthony Weiner a controversial figure would be an understatement. An outspoken Leftist, Weiner has made a name for himself as a firebrand on the Left, making outrageous (and quasi-true) statements about conservatives.

Now, Weiner's finding himself in a spotlight he didn't anticipate. With the recent scandal involving his alleged sending of a photo to a Washington State coed via Twitter, Weiner's being scrutinized by people of both sides. Yet, as reliable as the sunrise, the Left is rallying around Weiner, suggesting his story holds up and it was all a conservative smear job lead by Andrew Breitbart (since it was one of Breitbart's websites that "Weinergate" broke). The pro-Weiner forces are saying it's reprehensible to post falsehoods about a politician and those responsible should be driven out of business before they do more harm to the unintended victims of this story.

Of course, this would make more sense if the Left hasn't made a cottage industry out of smearing conservatives with falsehoods. Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and others are favorite targets for the kind of "reporting" the Left is decrying with Weiner. Go to any Leftist website (Media Matters, DailyKos, DemocraticUnderground, Huffington Post, FireDogLake) and you'll see lie after lie being taken as gospel (as well as any number of excuses to discount Weinergate).

When the Left can hold themselves to the standard they've set for Breitbart and the right, they'll have room to complain about how Weiner's being treated in the media.

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Charlene said...

It was a prank.

If you know it wasn't then you know much more than you should about the incident.