Thursday, May 8, 2008

Obama's Race Issue

Much has been made about Barack Obama and his race in his run for the Presidency. Whether it's Jeremiah Wright's sermons or how white Democrats have tried to awkwardly attack his positions without seeming racist or give him compliments in an attempt to win, race has certainly been a factor in his wins.

But there's a group that Obama may never be able to get on his side, no matter how articulate, persuasive, and chopeful he is. That's because they're predispositioned not to like him because he's at least part African-American. Are they "rednecks"? Nope. Are they gun owners? Not really.

They're rich white Northeastern Leftists.

The mindset of the RWNEL (abbreviated to save time) is one that if you deviate from what they believe to be right and proper, you're immediately relegated to a position somewhere in the neighborhood of pond scum. And that's only if they're being generous. They know what they like, and they like everything to be as lily white as they are. And last time I checked, Obama had a bit of chocolate mixed in with his vanilla. What that means is that Obama already has a major strike against one of the consistent voting blocs within Democratic ranks.

That's not to say it's impossible for him to get RWNEL votes, mind you. There is more than a little white liberal guilt running around out there, even in RWNEL circles. After all, how else would they prove to each other at the country club that they aren't racist? (Irony, thy name is Leftism.)

But will it be enough to propel Obama to the White House? Probably not. Even though Obama has the elitist part down, he's just not white enough for the RWNEL vote to swing to him in large numbers. And if you're still not convinced, consider that Democrats are still considering nominating rich white Leftist elitist Al Gore from the floor of the Democratic National Convention.

Then again, they wouldn't be RWNELs if they didn't think RWNELs were the only capable ones in existence.

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