Monday, May 26, 2008

The Times, They Aren't A-Changin'

To say the New York Times is enduring tough times financially is like saying I've occasionally poked fun at Democrats, Leftists, and "Gigli." Readership is down, which means revenue is down. There are a number of possibilities that could explain the Gray Lady's decline: the rise of the Internet, people not having time to read, being able to get the same thing locally that they get from the Times. But let me suggest another reason.

The New York Times no longer represents what people in the mainstream think.

Take for example a recent editorial titled "Mr. Bush and the G. I. Bill" where the writer/user of the editorial staff's collective brain cell suggested that President Bush's opposition to a recent revamp of the G. I. Bill program was a slap in the face of the soldiers he sent to war. Since I like you all, I took the time to read the piece and found it full of lies, not just about Bush but also against John McCain, without so much as a consideration of the President's position. But it should be pointed out that the writer was completely in favor of giving the troops more money to plan their futures.

Oh, did I happen to mention that this screed was published today, May 26, on Memorial Day?

Questioning the President over a bill is okay, but to call into question his commitment to the troops on Memorial Day? That's beyond classless. Just because you can say something doesn't mean you should, but apparently that doesn't matter to the Leftists at the Times.

Yet, this incident underscores the very point of this entry. The Times felt lashing out at President Bush was more important than remembering the sacrifices of those who died so they could publish this tripe. Oh, but you can't call into question whether the Leftists love the troops or whether they're patriots! Well, after this piece, I'm perfectly willing to play by the Leftists' own rules with the President.

To the Leftists at the New York Times and the people who agree with their assessment of President Bush's commitment to the troops, quit lying to us about how you really feel. You want us to fail miserably because you have a seriously misguided notion that America is the source of all evil. You preach to us about the need for free speech when people object to questionable material on TV, radio, movies, and video games, but without the actions of our fighting men and women, your arguments for free speech would fall on deaf ears.

And don't say you support the troops, but not the mission. That's bullplop. You hate the troops and the mission, and all because of the man who got us off our duffs to fight the war in the first place. If you support the troops as much as you claim, tell Code Pink, John Murtha, and the New York Times to shut their collective (and collectivist) pieholes until the war is over and the troops are home. Then, feel free to blast Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, et al, until you're blue in the face. But until then, stick your "Bush lied, people died" crap where the sun don't shine.

Just make sure you watch out that you don't hit your head in the process.

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