Friday, August 29, 2008

Democrats, Be Afraid. Be Very, Very Afraid.

Remember how the Democrats had a big unity-palooza event over the past two nights? With one decision, John McCain just called the cops and broke up the party.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin adds quite a few new wrinkles in the Presidential race, mainly with the voting blocs she can bring to the GOP. Here are a few I see.

Soccer moms: Palin is a self-described "hockey mom" not unlike the women who voted for Bill Clinton twice. By being one of them, Palin can attract soccer moms to vote Republican. And from what I've seen of her so far, she has the personality to make the sale.

Michigan voters: Thanks to the inept Democrat leadership in Michigan right now, I think Michigan is in play or will be as the election gets closer. And remember the previous point where I said Palin is a "hockey mom." Guess what sport is huge in Michigan. That's right: hockey. The first time she gets into a hockey conversation in, say, Detroit, McCain can count on the votes rolling in.

Mainstream feminists: This is not to be confused with what I call "movement feminists" who are more about abortion than actual women's rights. Mainstream feminists are the real feminists who look for opportunities to showcase their skills to their superiors in the business world. Palin is a success story to mainstream feminists and should be able to relate that success to others like her. That will make them feel their voices will be heard, and if Palin has anything to say about it, they will.

Conservative Republicans: One of the biggest knocks against McCain has been that he's not friendly with conservative Republicans, especially religious Republicans. Palin wipes out most, if not all, of those concerns. She's pro life, pro drilling, pro business...all the things the conservative Republicans love.

Men: This is a completely sexist point, but it's a plus for Palin. She's smokin' hot. Any straight man with his head screwed on straight can't ignore that.

Hillary voters: No, this isn't a misprint. One of the things that the Obama campaign needs to be aware of is the fact that he's not bringing in the Hillary Clinton voters. A good 30% or more have already said they won't vote for Obama and will vote for McCain. Even though there was a day or two of catharsis, with Palin in the race, they now have a reason to vote for McCain other than to deny Obama.

There may be others that come into the McCain/Palin fold or are already there, but the ones I've mentioned shouldn't be discounted or overlooked. At the end of the election season, we'll see just how great a decision it was to put Palin on the ticket, but from where I sit right now, it was the perfect counter to undercut Obama/Biden on a day they should have been riding high.


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Good, objective post. Obama needs to be worried, and especially cannot mention her lack of experience when HE is the presidential candidate (not VP) and has less experiences and fewer accomplishments.

As to the first comment, typical liberal childish name calling with no analysis.

A solid pick! The Dems are in trouble.