Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Impressions on the Second Night of the DNC

I figured I'd repeat the kind of thing I did last night. Enjoy.

1) I've been watching PBS's coverage (in case you were wondering), and what I'm watching right now is a 20 year old woman telling two older women (three if you count the moderator) telling them to "get in line" behind Obama. And one of the older women who switched her allegiance from Clinton to Obama is agreeing with her. Gee, nothing like forced unity among sisters, huh?

2) Steny Hoyer has the same problem Jesse Jackson Jr. had last night: he's yelling at us when he should be talking to us. And when he talks about a "failure of leadership," one has to wonder if George W. Bush is laughing his butt off that he's getting criticized on his leadership skills from one of the people responsible for Congress's approval ratings hitting single digits.

3) Gallup shows something interesting. After Obama picked Joe Biden to be his running mate, it seems John McCain got a bounce. That has to be a kick in the shins for Obama/Biden.

4) Speaking of McCain, he appeared last night on "The Tonight Show" to an audience I'll bet was bigger than those watching the DNC. As much as I dislike Leno, McCain made the right move by appealing to a larger, more diverse, and more importantly "hipper" audience. That's going to go a long way to disrupting the image that McCain is a "wrinkly old dude."

5) Hmmm...Hoyer quoted McCain directly in his yelling...I mean speech. Might that have something to do with the McCain ad quoting Hillary Clinton about Obama's lack of leadership? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

6) Another blunder for the DNC at the DNC. A union worker, Pauline Beck, is doing a bad job of reading a speech about Obama spending a day with her on the job as a home care worker. No passion, no real rhythm, and no real substance.

7) Another union blunder. Somewhere between Beck and Hoyer is Anna Berger, the secretary of the same union Beck belongs to. At this point, I feel I need to do a public service announcement: Friends don't let friends scream and read a speech badly at the same time.

8) Tonight and tomorrow night, we get to see Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton on stage at the DNC...where Obama is supposed to get the nomination. How in the heck did they swing that?

9) I have just one thing about Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano: IT'S A MAN, BABY!

10) I'm finding it easier to handle the DNC by putting my TV on mute whenever there's a speaker. Coincience? I think not.

Sorry I can't devote a full hour, but I have stuff to do...like watch reruns of "House." Dang, I love that show!

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