Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Iran Signed a Treaty, Huh?

A Leftist blog that simultaneously bashes me while copying everything I do on this site recently put up a post about Iran signing a non-proliferation agreement and stating that the fact that Iran claims to be using the uranium in question for power is proof enough that they're abiding by it. Thus, the Leftist also states that Iran is abiding by international law.

Funny thing about that. Seems Iran has another source of energy: oil. Iran has the second largest oil reserves in the world. Combine with that the fact that Iran has the second largest natural gas reserves in the world, and you have a country that is pretty well-off on the energy front. So, why would they need to build nuclear power plants?

For the Leftist who blogged about my previous post, it's not for power generation.

What the Left continues to fail to understand is that Iran isn't going to be honest with us, just like Saddam Hussein wasn't honest with us. Remember, Hussein agreed to the terms of a UN cease fire that required him to stop developing chemical and biological weapons and allow UN weapons inspectors to come and inspect everything in Iraq. When it came to actual follow-through, however, Hussein didn't comply. He refused to let the weapons inspectors inspect some of his palaces, and only allowed cursory inspections of other areas of Iraq.

Also, it should be pointed out that the particular "flavor" of Islam that Imadinnerjacket follows allows for Muslims to lie to infidels to gain their trust and then either convert or kill them. You read that right, folks. Imadinnerjacket has no problem lying to those who are not of his faith, as we've seen with his contradictory statements about Israel. In numerous speeches, he has attacked Israel and the US and threatened to destroy us both. Then, when faced with his words, he simply pretends he never said them.

And Leftists think a little thing like a signed nonproliferation treaty will stop him?

Another question that comes to mind is what kind of penalty would there be for Iran if they don't abide by the treaty. My guess is that the punishment wouldn't be too severe, or at least not severe enough to be a deterrent. And, no, UN sanctions won't be enough to make Iran behave because the UN is either toothless or corrupt, as Hussein proved in the 90s. Granted, this hasn't done much to stop the Left from kowtowing to the UN at every opportunity, but the rest of us aren't so quick to get on our knees.

Once again, the Left takes an enemy at face value, in spite of that enemy's continued disdain for the truth and abiding by agreements. Of course, the Leftists will continue to crow about how Obama used "diplomacy" to "isolate Iran", but they said the same things about Saddam and Iraq after the UN cease fire from 1991.

They were wrong then, and they're just as wrong now.

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