Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

With all due respect to C & C Music Factory, here are a few questions that have come up for me within recent days.

- Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid today told President Obama that they have the votes to pass health care reform. If they have the votes, why didn't Pelosi just call the vote today?

- Van Jones quit this past weekend from his post as Green Jobs Czar, citing a "vicious smear campaign" against him by critics such as Glenn Beck. All Beck did was point out different things Jones said and gave both audio and video of statements if he had them. So, where's the smear if you're quoting the man?

- Barack Obama gave his education speech today. In that speech, he referenced education 10 times, but he used the word "I" 56 times. If the speech was about education, shouldn't "education" have been said more than "I"?

- Joe Biden recently said that the stimulus was working. Just a couple of months ago, however, he said the Administration didn't have a handle on the economy yet and that it was worse than they had imaged. So, if they didn't understand the economy two months ago, how can they suddenly understand it now?

- Part of Obama's speech today dealt with personal responsibility. Considering he's continued to blame George W. Bush for the state of the economy and the country now, when will Obama start following his own advice?

- Yesterday was Labor Day when the American worker was celebrated. As many people know, union members tend to vote Democrat by a large majority. Given the status of jobs in states like Michigan, where unemployment has been in double digits for a while and a Democrat is Governor, why would any self-respecting union member think the Democrats represent the working people?

- Obama announced that he is thinking of adding a "sin tax" to fizzy drinks to fight obesity. Considering some of those drinks would include diet drinks and carbonated water, what would be the purpose of taxing those drinks when they don't add to the problem the tax is supposed to address?

I figure that'll be enough to keep you busy...and enough to make the Left's collective heads explode.

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