Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ego on the Line

Last night, I posted something about the climate change agreement the Obama Administration announced yesterday where a few developing countries and the US would actively seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Now comes the news that the agreement, the one the Administration was so proud of, is...non-binding. Wow. Gotta love that strong leadership from Obama...

Folks, I'm going to say something that is being missed by most of the public. This agreement was never about global climate change and man's impact on it. It was all about getting Obama a victory of some sort in Copenhagen, considering he hasn't had very good luck there this year. His appearance before the International Olympic Committee to try to get the 2016 Summer Olympics to come to Chicago was a bust, and an embarrassing one at that. His winning the Nobel Peace Prize has become an international joke. Now with the UN climate conference, we're seeing how big a joke it is because of all the bickering and the weather.

In short, Obama needed a victory in Copenhagen. After coming off as a laughingstock the last two times he went there, his ego couldn't take another blow, so he was looking to come away with something, anything, to make the third time truly become a charm. But what this agreement has done is made him look desperate and incapable of being an effective world leader.

And the Left was concerned about how America was perceived in the world when George W. Bush was President?

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