Monday, December 7, 2009

The Hockey Stick Graph: DEBUNKED

The Leftist blogger who hates me and yet copies almost everything I do repeated a statement he's made in a previous blog of his that Dr. Michael Mann's "hockey stick graph" hasn't been debunked. In doing so, he's gone all in on this notion, hoping that no one would call him on it.

Mr. Leftist Blogger, consider yourself called out.

First, we go to Technology Review, published by MIT. The following link explores Dr. Mann's "hockey stick graph" and how two Canadian scientists, Stephen McIntyre and Ross McKitrick, discovered a fundamental flaw in Mann's calculations.

Now, I'll admit I'm no scientist, but to me if there's a fundamental flaw in one's calculations, it tends to discredit the findings just a tad. The Technology Review link also has other great information on the "hockey stick graph" phenomenon. And from what I hear, those MIT folks are pretty good with the numbers.

And speaking of our friends to the north, Canada Free Press ran an interesting piece about the "hockey stick graph" and some of the "science" that surrounded it.

Funny thing. Seems Dr. Mann has been rather vocal about McIntyre and McKitrick's findings being wrong, but he didn't release much of his raw data so that they could try to reproduce Mann's findings. It was only after he was called out by Congress (and with sufficient support from people on his side of the argument) that he released more of the data. Seems to me that's a big red flag that something may be amiss with Dr. Mann's findings.

Of course, there's always the International Climate Science Coalition, who published the following article in October 2009.

Pay particular attention to the graphs titled "The Rise and Fall of Climate Data." Using a larger number of trees than what was used in relation to the "hockey stick graph", scientists found something quite different than Dr. Mann used in his initial research: the planet DIDN'T get warmer when he said it did.

Three difference sources, all using scientific methods to find the flaws in the "hockey stick graph." I'd say that pretty much proves Mr. Leftist Blogger wrong yet again when he said it's never been debunked.

So, to borrow something from his blog that seems so appropriate here, it looks like he was...


Anonymous said...

It sure would be nice if the "Anti-Ace" had the cajones to alter his own blog so people could respond to his garbage 'facts', alas.......he isn't man enough. Good job, Ace! Keep pecking away at the little pecker.

TLindaman said...

Wow! One of my readers response! I guess that blows the Anti-Ace's "hypothesis" about my blog out of the water. Man, it must just suck being so wrong all the time.