Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The "Cutting Edge" Sliced the Wrong Way

This won't come as too big a surprise to you, but I'm a fan of talk radio. Hearing hosts pontificate on the issues of the day gets my mind going on those issues. Sometimes, I come away from the experience with a new perspective. Sometimes, there's not a lot of disagreement and, thus, not a lot to pick up from the experience. And sometimes, I'm the one who sees what the big guys don't.

Take Barack Obama's trip overseas, for example. From where I sit, John McCain took Obama to school at least twice. First, he undercut Obama's image as a leader by calling him out to go to Iraq. Then, while Obama is drawing in crowds overseas, McCain today announced that, weather permitting, he would be holding an appearance at an offshore oil rig on the same day Obama is giving a speech in Germany. Combine this with the rumors that McCain would be picking a Vice Presidential candidate this week, and McCain is looking more and more like a serious "under the radar" candidate.

And what did Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, both of whom brag of being ahead of the curve and comprehensive in their coverage, say about this? Nothing. Glenn Beck kinda gets it, but he's not quite there yet. And down the line, I haven't heard any of the people who get paid to do what I do for free make this point. Regardless of how they may not like McCain, if they're puffing up their status of being the cutting edge, they had better deliver.

Oh, but Rush and Hannity both talked at length about the media bias in favor of Obama. Gee, how shocking is that? Way to push that cutting edge, you two.

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