Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Four Words Democrats Don't Want to Hear

In a previous post, I mentioned reasons why the Democrats are anything but a lock in November. Yet, as time has gone on, I've found another reason the Left should be very scared right now.

Michigan has been a Democratic stronghold for many years, mainly due to the strong union presence there. In recent years, however, Michigan has experienced a serious economic downturn. Sean Hannity had as appropriate a description as any I've heard: a one-state recession. Instead of dealing with the economic realities the state faces, the Democratic leadership in Michigan have done...nothing good. If the economy is going to be the major issue in this campaign, the situation in Michigan should seriously worry the Democrats.

One of the ideas Republicans have tossed out there is the possibility of John McCain picking Mitt Romney as a running mate because it would put Michigan in play. This idea has merit, but I wouldn't just use Romney to turn a blue state red. The bad economy in Michigan combined with the apparent lack of concern from the Democrats in leadership there (and nationally, I might add), puts Michigan in play with or without Romney.

What it will take is a Republican brave enough to go into the Democratic strongholds in Michigan and say, "This is what the Democrats have done for you. And if Obama wins, it will be more of the same." That alone should be enough to get the working people on McCain's side and force Obama to win the state. That costs money and time that might be spent on other states and other matters. If they don't, they validate McCain and the GOP, which is something they can't afford to do. The minute McCain gets traction in Michigan, the stronger the possibility becomes that the Democrats lose Michigan.

Don't be surprised if the media, mainstream or real, turn around on this in the near future and say the four words Democrats never thought they'd hear.

"Michigan is in play."

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