Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yet Another Example of the "Cutting Edge" Missing the Point

Sometimes it takes a Leftist to kick-start a blog post, and this one falls into that category.

As you might have guessed watching the media, they have a serious crush on Barack Obama, as do the Leftists. (Coincidence? I think not!) With the three major network anchors following Obama during his overseas tour, talk radio has been abuzz with cries of "liberal media bias"! Of course, this is to be expected. If the press were any more in Obama's back pocket, they'd have stitch marks on their bodies. That's not the story here.

What is the story is how this media lovefest with Obama negates the Left's argument in favor of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. One of the reasons they give to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine is that talk radio is dominated by conservatives, so no alternate views could be heard. Therefore, the Fairness Doctrine had to be brought back to ensure the electorate hears both sides of the story.

Yet, when we have a Presidential election where the press give overwhelmingly positive coverage to one candidate and overwhelmingly neutral at best coverage to the other, it's hard to believe they could be truly fair to both sides. Look at the headlines and the stories written about both candidates. The media treat Obama as the Second Coming, while they subtly (okay, not so subtly) take pot shots at McCain by underscoring any negative notions about McCain. Glenn Beck has a great bit on this on his show where he compares actual headlines to determine who "wins" the media war that day. To date, Obama has yet to lose, and that's not because of any bias from Beck.

It's because of the bias of the media.

Of course, the Left isn't saying a word about how unfair the media coverage is in favor of their candidate because, well, it's their candidate. No comment about how newspapers, magazines, and TV news all are carrying Obama's water, but when talk radio is dominated by the right, it has to be made to be balanced? The duplicity is not surprising, but it shows that the Left cannot be trusted to control the balance of talk radio or anything else.

Score one for talk radio...not that they recognize it yet.

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