Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The House of the People?

Since Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, we've seen some pretty asinine things being done in the name of the people. Yesterday was no exception. With all of the other problems the House could be addressing (the war on terrorism, offshore drilling, the scourge that is Carrot Top), what did they do?

They formally apologized for slavery and Jim Crow laws.

Slavery and Jim Crow laws are certainly no bright spots in our history, but I think we've gotten past them by and large. Sure, there are people who point to both as "proof" that America is a racist nation, but they need only look to the media's fawning treatment of Barack Obama to see a great example of how far we've come as a nation. Maybe it's me, but the fact there are a number of people of all races willing to vote for Obama tells me the people who think America is a racist nation are wrong.

But not nearly as wrong as the House was in apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow laws. When bad situations happen, we need to look at the chain of command, and for that we can look to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Under her pathetic excuse for leadership, the insignificant has been elevated to worthy of House consideration and the important has been relegated to the back benches. Who cares about approving offshore drilling, a move that would ultimately benefit millions of Americans? We need to apologize for things most people have already gotten over!

The worst thing about this apology is that it's not even sincere; it's political. Yes, this apology was the brainchild of Tennesee Democrat Steve Cohen, a white man from a predominantly black Congressional District in a tough primary fight with an African-American. Gee, that wouldn't have anything to do with the timing of this apology he sponsored, would it?

With boneheaded plays like this apology, I'd say Congress has earned their record low approval ratings.

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Anonymous said...

My ancestors fought on both sides in the Civil War which ended in 1865. The Jim Crow Laws and other segregationist laws were impowered when Congress declared that Radical reconstruction was over in 1877. This was mainly in the south. The Civil War is over!!!!! Civil rights actions in the 1950s and into the 1970s rectified African-Americans place in American society with millions of dollars in aid to those Blacks who wanted to get ahead in college, business, and in programs to move them forward. This was offical!!!! This huge wound over the wrongs against blacks should have ground to a halt. Yet, certain black leaders continue to press the race card, which in my estimate, and the estimate of many Black friends, is determential to the whole process of bringing all Americans back together.... It was pointed out to me from several close Black friends that these Black leders who push the racism garbage our attempting to keep their power base intact..that is all, and "they" could care less about blacks!
All I see in this stupid apology is this: (1) This very political apology will now lead to a push for "reparations" in the form of millions of our tax dollars for all of these so-called victums of slavery (BULLSHIT!); (2) This crap will never go away (ask Jesse jackson and Al Sharpton ; (3) It will be a major vctory for the cult of victumology existing is certain parts (not all) of Black society.
I might add, that why in the HELL would any Northren state which fought the South, and left thousands of their "white soldiers" dead and maimed at such places as Antetiem, Getteysburg, Shiloh, Fredricksburg, ETC. ever apologize???? They were the means that ended the COnfederacy and broke the back of slavery! have we forgotten the Emacapation Proclamation? This whoe business of apologizing is say the least.... I am so disgusted with these political pimps in Washington that I have quit the Republican PArty (until they get back to conservative values), you know, the party that was anti-slave, who had in them a real statesman named Abraham Lincoln....
It is 2008, not 1868, or 1968! We as a nation need to focus on the wave of terror which is slowly engulfing the world and is aimed directly at the USA.
"United We Stand, Divided we Fall!
LTC (ret.) J.A. DAVIS