Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Daze

Today is Earth Day. And I know you're all rushing out to get Earth Day cards and put up your Earth Day tree. And don't forget about the post-Earth Day sales!

I'm kidding, of course. Or am I? When you consider all the commercialism that's now connected to Earth Day and being environmentally conscious, it's clear that there's green to be made by being green. Quite a difference from the first Earth Day, where eco-Lefties got together to proclaim their love of the environment...while leaving their gathering place looking like a trash dump.

For me, Earth Day is an unnecessary "holiday" because we don't need a day to remember to be good to the planet. We get it. Take care of the planet. We try to do the same thing on a smaller scale where we live by keeping our homes and properties kept up.

And that's exactly the way we should approach "saving" the Earth. In the grand scheme of things, humans have very little impact one way or the other on the planet. Does this mean we can start building a chemical waste dump in our backyards? No. First off, the zoning laws are a nightmare, but more importantly, it has a direct impact on you and your neighbors. By the same token, if everyone in America went completely green, nothing would really change, and it would have a direct impact on you and your neighbors in ways that you probably wouldn't like.

Let's say, for example, that we finally cave in to the eco-Left's environmental demand because we're sick of hearing them whine. Because the eco-Left aren't exactly known for their foresight and financial acumen, our economy would tank. Then, after people realized that a) the economy sucks worse after the eco-Left got their wishes and b) the eco-Left knows as much about the environment as they do about the economy, we'd still be screwed. The economy can't be switched on and off like a light. It would take time to come back from the damage the eco-Left caused, and there's no guarantee that we could.

So, put simply, I think we should focus on those things we can fix, like keeping ourselves and our property in good order. And that's where we should leave it, unless our neighbors are building a chemical waste dump in their backyards. Just because we're green doesn't gives us the authority to force others to be the same way. That's where the eco-Left goes wrong with their environmentalism. They believe their position on this issue gives them ultimate moral authority to dictate to others how they should live. Case in point: Al Gore.

But before you go full bore into green mode because of people like Gore, do me a favor. Check out how they live. If they say they care about the environment but get into an SUV that isn't a hybrid, their green is because of tarnish, not because of intellectual consistency.

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