Thursday, April 17, 2008

Random Notes

To make up for my light blogging lately, I'm combining a few topics into one post. Enjoy!

- John Murtha says John McCain is too old to be President, in spite of the fact Murtha is four years older than McCain. Hmmm...McCain's too old to be President at 71, but you're just under the age limit for a House gig at 75?

- ABC's debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama last night was almost universally panned here and abroad. I didn't watch any of it, and thankfully so. But as bad as it was, it pales in comparison to the CNN/YouTube "debates." At least Charlie Gibson didn't feel he needed to dress up like a snowman to ask a question about global warming.

- California Senator Barbara Boxer successfully got a meaningless Senate resolution acknowledging Pope Benedict XVI's first visit to America since becoming Pope changed to remove offensive language. What was the offensive verbiage? That the Pope fostered a deep respect for all life. Seems she thought it was a reference to the Pro Life stance on abortion. Boy, those Leftists are tolerant folks, aren't they?

- Speaking of the Pope, people have been criticizing him for stating that America's permissive culture may have played a role in the pedophile priest scandal. Some commenters went so far as to say that the Pope is a pedophile by proxy and is trying to excuse the Catholic Church's role in the scandal. Of course, they're not thinking about the possibility that he could be...right.

- Hillary Clinton criticized Barack Obama as an elitist following comments the Illinois Senator made about rural America. I only have three words to say to that. Pot. Kettle. Black.

- Chelsea Clinton has been asked repeatedly about the Monica Lewinsky scandal and how her mom reacted to her dad fooling around the with help. Chelsea's stock answer: it's none of our business. Well, gee, maybe I'm off base here, but I would think getting a straight answer about how Hillary reacted to a difficult situation would give us an idea of how she would react to a difficult situation as President. And we shouldn't be waiting until 3 AM to find out, either!

- President Imadinnerjacket of Iran is suggesting 9/11 may not have happened. From the guy who said there are no gays in Iran?

- New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he looks forward to having an adult in the White House again. After that comment, Mayor, I'd be more worried about finding an adult at your house.

And finally...

- Texas law enforcement officers are looking for ways to punish the men of a polygamist cult. I have a way: introduce each of the wives to a divorce lawyer.

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