Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Forgotten Man

The Democratic race for President is down to two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. As of this writing, neither one has locked up their party's nomination, and neither one appears to be able to do it before their convention this summer. As such, DNC Chair Howard Dean is looking to try to get out of a messy battle for the nomination.

If Dr. Dean really wants a solution, he need only look beyond the current two-person battle to a third party. The name tossed about is former Vice President and current environmental Chicken Little Al Gore. That won't work because Gore has a major stumbling block: he's Al Gore. Instead, I have another person in mind, and for those reading this concerned that I'm helping the Democrats, don't worry. Democrats don't often read this blog anyway. :-)

The person I'm referring to is John Edwards. Right now, he's being seen as a potential king (or queen) maker because he has a handful of delegates that he could give to Clinton or Obama. But he might be the solution to the Clinton/Obama fight because he has more than a few of the positives of both without the negatives. He's a handsome, articulate candidate who can draw from multiple voting blocs. He does well with labor, fairly well with African-Americans, well with social justice Leftists, and appears moderate enough to draw in moderate to conservative Democrats. And because he's been out of the race before it's gotten testy, he's instantly above the fray.

If that doesn't make Edwards the perfect solution to the Democrats' imperfect election nightmare, I don't know what would.

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