Thursday, April 10, 2008

With Friends Like These...

There's an update on the Obama delegate who got in legal trouble for saying African-American children in a tree shouldn't be climbing around like...dare I even say it...monkeys. After the Obama campaign threw her under the bus, they took her back, saying it was all a "misunderstanding." Oh, gee, thanks for coming to her defense when she needed it.

Is it just me, or are Democrats throwing a lot of people under the bus lately? Whether it's Hillary with Mark Penn or Obama with that delegate, I'm beginning to wonder if Harry Reid doesn't own an auto parts place that sells bus shocks.

What is really disturbing about this trend is not that Democrats are so willing to abandon their own, but that more Democrats don't see themselves as potential "casualties" in this political season. It's a reflection on how bitter the Democratic race has become. This truly is the politics of personal destruction, writ large. Both candidate's campaigns are digging up anything they can on any supporter, any delegate, any superdelegate, all to jockey for a little stronger position.

Kinda gives you a nice warm feeling in your chest, doesn't it?

And it's not just in the Presidential campaign. Air America suspended long-time host Randi Rhodes for speaking against Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro at a private event. Then, today, she decided to voluntarily terminate her contract with Air America. And for what? For being Randi Rhodes. Don Imus? Same situation.

The American Left may think its followers can be crumpled up like Kleenex and tossed aside when they're used up, but having been a member of that group in the past, I can tell you that there are good people on the left who deserve a much better fate than that. I may not agree with them on much, but that doesn't give me licence to treat them like trash.

It's been said before by me and others, but it bears repeating. Whomever gets the Democratic nod to be the candidate will inherit a bitterly divided party for whom unity is a pipe dream. I'm sure they'll point fingers at each other or the Republicans, but in truth, they brought this pain on themselves.

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