Monday, April 28, 2008

One for My "Homies"

I've held my tongue long enough. I have reached a point where I either have to say something and let the chips fall where they may or explode. And if you've ever seen a big man explode, it's not pretty.

This one goes out to my people, whites. Would you knock off all that white guilt already? Seriously!

I had a chance to watch, read, and listen to a portion of the revival meeting...I'm sorry, Rev. Jeremiah Wright's speech in front of the National Press Club today. First off, I don't buy his "I was taken out of context" bull anymore. Out of all the statements Wright's made, there's only one of them you could say was possibly taken out of context: the "God damn America" line. And even then, you would have to admit it wasn't exactly the best phrasing in the world.

Well, you would have to admit it if whites weren't afraid of the R-word.

Rev. Wright is doing a trick I've seen with customers I've dealt with in a past job. Their MO is to take one mistake made by the company, blow it out of proportion, and then use it as an excuse to ignore all the crap they've screwed up. And by not calling Wright on the anti-white, anti-Jewish, anti-American, and anti-anything-else rhetoric he spews, we're admitting we're as bad as Wright says we are.

But by far the worst people I've seen are the whites who are actually agreeing with Wright! They're the type who think they've "broken the code" or "found the real meaning" that Wright was talking about in his sermons and speeches. And they say that "blacks and any intelligent whites" would agree. It's a logical fallacy that they're using to justify their position. They figure that since they think they're intelligent and think a certain way, everyone who is intelligent would think the same way. Bzzzzzzzzzzzt! Oooooh, sor-ray.

Time for me to clear up a couple of things for my fellow whites.

1) Blacks can be just as racist as whites.
2) "Racism" has been tossed around to the point where it only has the power you give it.
3) Slavery ended over 100 years ago. Stop beating yourself up over it.
4) People like Rev. Wright are playing the race card so they can get something out of you.
5) The best way to handle a race-baiter is to stand up to them.

There you have it. Five easy steps to dealing with the Rev. Wrights of the world. So, if there are any blacks or "intelligent whites" who think I'm a racist for calling Rev. Wright a charlatan, a racist, and a total ingrate, I have two words for you.

Bring it.

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Cruzan said...

Ah,'ve hit the nail on the head. And I'm an intelligent WHITE person who sees right thru the racist, divisive, NONunifying rhetoric of the so-called minister and his followers. And to think, this 'dialogue' is just getting started! If this was the goal of Barak's campaign, he best attempt to wrest back control of his message and do it soon.