Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's Not Like She's Going Anywhere

It hasn't been that long ago that Elena Kagan was tapped to be President Obama's latest pick to serve as a Supreme Court Justice. And it hasn't been that long ago that Kagan's past and experience have been scrutinized by people all over the political spectrum. So, it shouldn't be any surprise that the Left is trying to accelerate Kagan's appointment to the High Court.

Why is the Left so hell-bent on getting Kagan appointed? Easy. It's a way for the Left to promote their interpretation (or misinterpretation as the case may be) of the Constitution for decades. But I think it goes deeper than that. I think the Left is hoping that one of the more conservative Justices retires for one reason or another while Obama is President. Even the middle of the road Justice Anthony Kennedy may buck the Leftist trend under certain circumstances. With the current make-up of the USSC, Kennedy becomes an important swing vote.

At least, until he retires. Then the President at that time has the chance to flex political muscle to guarantee a majority that will stand for decades. The only way this happens, though, is if a conservative or moderate voice gets replaced by a Leftist voice, or vice versa. If Kagan gets appointed, it replaces a Leftist for a Leftist, but it sets Obama up nicely for a chance to replace Kennedy with a Justice more in tune with his and his supporters' ideology.

I'm positive the President knows all of this, which is why he's pushing Kagan's appointment so much. But given the implications, shouldn't we take the time to make sure Kagan's up to the task of being a Supreme Court Justice?

It's not like she's going anywhere, after all.

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