Sunday, May 16, 2010

Leftist Coward Watch - Day 14

The last day of the weekend begins the way it's begun for the previous 13 days: the Leftist leech cowering behind his "blog" incapable of even posting a meager insult or "response" to my blogs, and certainly without the ability to...(GASP!) post original material!

This morning, I want to focus on someone other than President Obama, although he's connected to this story. Instead, let's talk about Arlen Specter, the on-again-off-again Democrat Senator running for his party's nomination to return to the U. S. Senate. With Specter's help, Democrats regained a 60 seat majority (if you throw in two Independents who caucus with the Democrats). Yeah, but that hasn't worked out so well. Since Specter's defection, the Democrats' "60" seat majority has been ineffective for the most part, either due to a lack of leadership or a lack of action on legislation.

Now that Specter's up for reelection, he's taking heat from the right...and now the left. Specter's having to run for his seat against a more Leftist Democrat challenger, Pennsylvania Representative Joe Sestak. Seems the Left isn't convinced that Specter's a "good Democrat," which echoes what they were saying after Specter went Democrat last year. The Left never completely trusted him. After all, he was a Republican for a long time.

Ah, but when the time came, the Left has pulled the same thing they did with Joe Lieberman: picked someone to run against the sitting Senator who "wasn't Democrat enough" for their tastes. In Lieberman's case, the Leftist won the Democrat nomination, but lost the election after Lieberman ran as an Independent. In short, the Leftists won a short term victory only to lose the bigger victory by driving out a reliable Democrat for reasons that defy logic.

Then again, Leftists never were good a logic or political strategy.

The funny thing is that the Left chuckles at the TEA Party movement for splitting the Republican vote (even though it could be argued that the TEA Parties are a lot closer to what Republicans used to stand for than the current crop in the GOP). Yet, they don't see the danger in their own actions. If the TEA Parties threaten to rip apart the GOP, why wouldn't the Left's own litmus test do the same for them?

I doubt we'll ever get a straight answer from them (or in the case of the Leftist leech, any answer).

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