Thursday, May 20, 2010

Speaking Out of Turn

Since Arizona passed a law designed to combat illegal immigration, the Left has howled about how "racist" it is. (Never mind the fact that it mirrors federal immigration law, which the Left has yet to publicly call racist, and that the language of the bill itself prohibits racial profiling.) And when the Left mobilizes, they boycott. Los Angeles and Columbus, OH, have taken steps to try to hurt Arizona for their alleged racism. And DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and Attorney General Eric Holder have spoken out about the racism of the Arizona Law.

Of course, there's a commonality with all of the Leftist critics of the Arizona law. They haven't read it.

To help matters, Glenn Beck read all 17 pages of the Arizona law yesterday on his radio program, making special note of verbiage that refuted the notion that it was racist because it conformed to federal law regarding racial profiling.

So, according to the Left, a law that prohibits racial profiling and conforms to federal law is racist because they say so without having read the bill about which they're objecting.

And the Left is supposed to be smart?

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