Saturday, May 1, 2010

When Obama Worshippers Get Caught Lying...

Because my Leftist counterpart is scared of letting people comment directly to his blog because they'd pound his arguments into nothingness, I can't post this bit of information about how the Obama Administration didn't react quickly enough to the Gulf Coast oil spill.

So, I'll do it here.

A tip of the hat to Doug Ross for compiling it.

Now, to my Leftist counterpart who claimed the Administration acted "on hour one," don't you feel stupid for not digging into the facts?

Oh, by the way, Obama is supposed to be down in the Gulf tomorrow. From April 20 to May 2 is 12 days, counting the actual day the spill began. By comparison, George W. Bush waited a whole five days before heading to Katrina (August 29, when Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, to September 2, when Bush actually visited).

Gee. Bush made it down to New Orleans in less than half the time it's taken Obama to make it to the Gulf Coast, and some would lead us to believe Obama acted "on hour one"?

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