Thursday, September 18, 2008

Building a (Fake) Mystery

Have you noticed a new trend in the anti-Sarah Palin rhetoric? They've continued with the usual crap about her, but they've added in a new reason why they just can't vote for her: they don't know enough about her, and there's not enough time to know her.

If you get a chance (and if you can stomach it), watch the Matt Damon video where he talks about Sarah Palin. He repeats the mantra perfectly. Yet, you will also notice that he has no problem repeating discredited information that's already out there. Gee, Matt, sounds like you "know" some things about Palin, in spite of your claims to the contrary.

Maybe it's me, but I think the people who are claiming they don't know enough about Palin to vote for her are throwing it up as a smokescreen to hide their real reasons. Seriously, we live in the Internet age where you can find out quite a bit about just about anyone. All you need is an Internet connector and a web browser. And unless you're working with a REALLY old dial-up modem, it won't take you weeks to find information. The only thing stopping these people from learning more about Sarah Palin is themselves.

But there's another bit of hypocrisy to consider here. Many of the same people who take swipes at Sarah Palin's alleged air of mystery are supporting Barack Obama, someone who hasn't exactly been forward with his own information. There are a lot of real and unanswered questions surrounding Obama, ranging from what he truly feels about whites or how close he was to domestic terrorist William Ayers. But, it doesn't seem to matter to the Obama supporters bashing Palin.

So, to any Obama supporters reading this or people who don't think you don't know enough about Sarah Palin, stop reading and get on Google, for the love of Pete!

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