Monday, September 8, 2008

Ya Think?

In my efforts to keep this blog fresh, exciting, and entertaining, I've come up with a new feature that I'll try to bring out every so often. This one is called "Ya Think?"

The premise behind it is simple. Sometimes people come to the most obvious conclusion, but a little late in the game. That leaves people like the good readers of my blog to point out how stupid the Johnny-Come-Lately is by saying, "Ya Think?"

For example, MSNBC has dumped Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann from moderating the upcoming debates between Barack Obama and John McCain because of fears they were too partisan to be objective. YA THINK?

Or how about this one? British comedian Russell Brand is surprised that some people were offended at his MTV Music Awards rant saying President George W. Bush was "a retarded cowboy." YA THINK?

And one more for the road. Prosecutors in Russia are seeking to ban "South Park" citing that it "bore signs of extremist activity." YA THINK?

Send me suggestions and I'll post them for you!

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