Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Impressions of the Fourth Night of the RNC

Time for more RNC talk!

1) Last night was a one-two punch. Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin Would Palin's speech have been stronger without Rudy firing up the crowd with his red meat speech? I don't think so. Without one the other wouldn't have been as strong, in my opinion. Rudy set the bar very high, and Palin skyrocketed over it.

2) Many of my conservative friends saw John McCain appearing on stage with Palin and wished he wouldn't say anything. At the time, I thought it wasn't too bad of an idea, but I've changed my mind somewhat. It was important for McCain to be seen with Palin, but he might have been better served if he would have shown up, had the photo op, and gotten offstage. There was a moment there when McCain and Palin looked confused about who was doing what. After a rousing speech from Palin, not exactly the image you want to have on camera.

3) Reading the Drudge Report today, I saw a headline about all the Palin-connected merchandise that's available for purchase, from t-shirts to thongs. There are even calls being made to eyeglass manufacturers requesting the same style and shape of frames that Palin has. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say Palin might have won over a few hearts last night.

4) I had a chance to listen to ABC Radio's coverage of the RNC. It was interesting to hear how the ABC reporters filled time by talking in lieu of letting the people who were actually speaking at the time speak. I know it's called "talk radio" but that doesn't mean you have to talk constantly!

5) At the onset of tonight's festivities, I have a simple request. Can you get better speakers? Listening to Sam Brownback was more painful than sitting through a "Gigli" triple feature! You may be trying to lower expectations so McCain can hit one out of the park, but shouldn't you be trying to do your best instead of sucking so McCain will look better by default?

6) Ah, the wonderful world of PBS. Talking about how wonderful Democrats and Obama are on the war on terrorism during the RNC. Here's a clue for you, kids. Democrats hate Republicans more than they hate terrorists. Why else would they demonize George W. Bush and lionize President Imadinnerjacket of Iran for being "smart and articulate"?

7) If I never see Lindsey Graham on TV again, I won't cry a bit. He's responsible for a lot of the Republican headaches on Capitol Hill, and he would be one Republican I would love to see lose to a Democrat any day of the week. The sooner this fake SOB is out of the Senate, the better. Not that I have any strong opinions on the man, mind you...

8) You know the Leftists are digging for reasons to hate Sarah Palin when they're attacking her hairstyle. And, yes, this actually happened.

9) I don't care what anybody says, McCain/Palin is winning the battle over which ticket represents change. The more they talk, the more genuine they sound. The more Obama/Biden talk, the more they sound like they're just hawking a slogan.

10) You know who Tom Ridge reminds me of? Jim Ross of WWE broadcasts. Watch to see if he uses the word "slobberknocker."

11) I do think the references to 9/11 tonight are over the top. There's remembering the event, and then there's using it for political purposes. I think the RNC crossed that line.

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And tomorrow...the wrap-up!

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