Monday, September 1, 2008

THIS Is the Ticket of Change?

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are running on the premise that they represent real change. But do they?

Not if you look at recent history.

In 1988, Democrat Michael Dukakis chose Lloyd Bentsen, a Senator from Texas.

In 1992, Democrat Bill Clinton chose Al Gore, a Senator from Tennessee.

In 1996, Democrat Bill Clinton stayed with Al Gore, a Senator from Tennessee.

In 2000, Democrat Al Gore chose Joe Lieberman, a Senator from Connecticut.

In 2004, Democrat John Kerry chose John Edwards, a Senator from North Carolina.

And in 2008, Democrat Barack Obama chose Joe Biden, a Senator from Delaware.

Twenty years of Vice Presidents, and every one of them a Senator at one point or another. And the last 3 Presidential elections, including this one, a Senator or someone with Senate experience has headed up the ticket.

And this is "change you can believe in"?

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