Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quick Hits

I had a lot on my mind the past couple of days, so I might as well do another edition of Quick Hits.

- I think I've figured out the reasons why the media are so anti-Palin. First, their pals in the Democratic Party had no clue that Palin was even in the running, so they had to play catch-up from the announcement she was on the ticket. Second, she's one of them. She's seen the inside of a TV studio and knows all the little tricks they pull to try to trap people into making bad statements. And from what I saw during her inquisit...I mean interview with Charlie Gibson, she's smart and feisty enough to avoid the traps.

- Have you noticed the number of Leftists in the media and elsewhere saying Palin was a bad choice and will cost McCain the election? Sounds more like wishful thinking to me.

- I've often said abortion has become a back-burner issue except for the diehards on both sides. With this election, it is back, but not in the way Democrats wanted it to be. The way the Left has always framed the debate made them look like champions of freedom, but this election cycle, the focus has been shifted from the freedom to how Obama has put politics before life. In that framework, Obama loses and loses badly.

- There's chatter out there that Joe Biden may step aside and let Hillary Clinton jump in as Obama's running mate. Don't be suckered into this notion, folks, because I don't think it will happen. First and foremost, Hillary has no reason to join the Obama ticket. He stopped her from being the first female President in history, and he did it in ways that don't bode well for a Obama/Clinton team. Furthermore, putting Hillary on the ticket would make Obama look like he was copying John McCain. Not only would that make him look like a follower, it would undercut their "McCain's pandering to get votes" argument with Palin. Plus, how would the Hillary and Obama camps react? Let me put it this way: the Hatfields and McCoys were more civil.

- It's official. According to New York's Governor, "community organizer" is code for "black." Well, I guess that means the Black Eyed Peas are going to have to call themselves the Community Organizer Eyed Peas.

- I have to say I love how the Leftists are blaming the current financial situation on Wall Street on George W. Bush, Phil Gramm, and Republicans in general. They point to alleged deregulation as the culprit, but they're missing an important piece to the puzzle: the truth. Take their claim about Gramm's legislation, for example. If it was that bad, how come it took ten years for that legislation to negatively impact the economy? I'm not Milton Friedman (because he's dead and stuff), but I am a thinker, and what I know about economics is that it shouldn't take 10 years for bad legislation/regulation to impact the market as a whole. The Clinton anti-trust suit against Microsoft only took a matter of months before it caused the dotcom bubble to burst. So, you'll excuse me if I'm dubious that a 10 year old piece of legislation caused the current economic conditions on Wall Street.

- I heard on Sean Hannity tonight that there is no one from the press following Joe Biden around as he campaigns. He said it was because he was too boring and egotistical, but I think it's for another reason: Sarah Palin is freakin' hot. I'm just sayin'...

- Barbra Streisand sang for Obama at a $28,500 a plate fundraiser not too long ago. No word on if Obama's brother living on $1 a month was able to attend.

- Is it just me, or has Michelle Obama pretty much gone off the media grid? At this rate, she'll be doing campaign ads on the sides of milk cartons. Or, considering who her husband is, would it be Half & Half?

And finally...

- How is Michael Savage still on the air? Last night I caught a bit of his show and he was talking about how yoga was primarily being practiced by nymphomaniacs looking to get control of their sexual urges. If that were true, I'd be signing up for yoga classes tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure he's wrong. And considering his topics are as unpredictable as Charlie Manson with an Etch-A-Sketch, I'm surprised he's still on the air with as many listeners as he has. And it's not like he's anything great. Listening to him makes me long for Al Franken's show on Air America. Michael, if you're reading this, get out now while you're behind. Oh, and take some yoga classes, okay?

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