Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Thoughts on the Third Night of the RNC

RNC, take two.

1) One change I've noticed from the DNC to the RNC: not as much shouting. Maybe Republicans are naturally better public speakers. I'm not saying that, but I'm not not saying that either.

2) Sarah Palin's speech tonight has been built up quite a bit in the media. After the past few days of Leftists dragging her and her family through the mud, she needs a great speech to wipe it all away. My gut tells me she will, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't bring up the possibility of failure. If Palin stumbles, it validates every negative statement made about her. If she does a mediocre job, it will be seen as a loss. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, this speech could make or break the campaign. So, if you're reading this Governor Palin, no pressure.

3) The RNC has something else over the DNC. They're actually using technology for something other than to put up single images. The slideshows and videos being shown are appropriate, and the technical advisors need to be given a big pat on the back.

4) PBS has it in their heads that the Palin controversies have taken the RNC off message. I'm sure the Leftists in the media would love the RNC to become all about circling the wagons in defense of Palin because it makes the Republicans look defensive about it. But anybody who thinks they would have been off-message for long are either fools or Leftists. But I repeat myself...

5) PBS spent little time discussing the former eBay CEO's speech...and more about what eBay is. Yeah, that magical online site that everybody and their grandmother knows about, and PBS is just now discussing it? Way to be ahead of the curve, PBS crew!

6) Okay, it's official. PBS is so far in Obama's back pocket that they're getting stitch marks on their bodies. I haven't seen this much Kool Aid drinking since Jonestown. They had a guy from the Pew Research Center on talking about how much people trust the Democrats to run the economy over the Republicans. And who was interviewing him? Judy Woodruff. They should just come out and say, "We're in the tank for Obama, and our reporting is going to be slanted to make McCain/Palin look like a Hitler/Carrot Top ticket."

7) Time for another completely sexist point, but have you seen the hot women speaking at the RNC? Compare that to the DNC where the hottest woman there was Nancy Pelosi. Sorry, Nanc, but the hotness points go to the RNC.

8) Something else of note. The DNC seemed to focus more on the individual egos of the speakers with maybe a reference to the Obama/Biden ticket. The RNC did have some of the same elements, but the speakers went a little further by using the "I" references to launch into a larger point about John McCain and Sarah Palin. From selfish to selfless in a week.

And finally...

9) A lot has been made about candidates who ran against John McCain getting speaking gigs at the RNC. Wait, didn't Hillary Clinton get a major prime time speaking spot at the DNC?

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