Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just Another Example of Being in Front of the Cutting Edge

I'm not one to toot my own horn, but I felt I should share a little something of note. (No, it's not the fact that my blog was featured on MSNBC as a "right wing blog.") Instead, my weird tendency to find the little things that the "big boys and girls" overlook has paid off big time.

Flashback time, kids. I posted the following on August 25, 2008, in my post "First Impressions from the First Night of the DNC":

2) Is it just me, or are the Democrats trying a little too hard to portray themselves as patriotic, Christian, and working class folks? The first hour of the convention, I saw Pelosi harping on how Obama is a patriot, Jimmy Carter proclaiming that Obama is a Christian, and Jesse Jackson Jr. screaming that Democrats are for the working man. The problem is that if you have to keep telling people what you are, most likely you're not what you say you are. Add this to the number of American flags being waved by convention goers, and it just looks and smells like the Dems are trying to convince people (and themselves) that they're just as patriotic as the GOP. [Emphasis mine]

Now, flash forward to yesterday. McCain supporters claimed that a vendor at Invesco Field found 12,000 miniature American flags in the trash and garbage bags after Barack Obama's acceptance speech. The vendor turned over the flags to the McCain campaign, and the campaign had veterans hand them out at a rally in Colorado Springs. The DNC fired back, saying the flags were stolen from the venue. Yeah, and I'm a big fan of Karl Marx.

I don't buy the DNC's line, given the length of time from Obama's speech (August 28) to the time of the charge that the flags were stolen (September 6). That's 9 days. And given the fact that the flags were apparently found in garbage bags and near an area where trash is collected, I'm thinking they weren't really all that concerned about those flags they were waving at Obama's speech.

Of course, the "big boys and girls" will talk about this story after the fact, but some of us saw the story coming a long time ago.

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